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David Silva - 92 - TIF
Perfect CAM
By MarcoFCB, 12-01-2018

I packed David Silva in a guaranteed TOTW 14 IF pack. He is untradable, but even if he was tradable, I wouldn't list him in the Transfer Market. He is a true beast at passing, his passes reach the targeted player 95% of the time. His shooting might seem a little low but as I use him with a Hawk chem style, his long shots turn out amazing. He has amazing positioning and what I really like is that he makes amazing runs. He pulls the strings for my team in attack and his dribbling is beyond desire. He has really good stamina but he gets pushed off the ball very easily. Really recommend this guy.

  • Dribbling
  • Long shots
  • positioning
  • 4* SM
  • Passing
  • attacking runs
  • Vision

  • sprint speed
  • 2* WF
  • strength
  • height

Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 10
GPG: 1.10
APG: 1.00
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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The magician of the midfield

I packed him a few weeks ago in the EPL TOTS pack and I decided to try him out. I've played 50 matches with him and he has scored 12 goals and given 28 assists. In my squad (4-1-2-1-2(2)) I play him at the CM position and from the first matches I was very happy with his performance. It may seem like he is not strong enough to play in that position. However, Silva might surprise you with his ability to tackle some players an...
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Absolutely magical

Okay, so I play a 4-1-2-1-2 narrow and I needed a player to play right CM and burst forward. I tried alli, de bryne and then silva, my god for the price he is the best I have ever used there, he bursts into the box, glides across the pitch and finesses like no one I have ever seen.Passing is incredible, stamina is great and pace with a hunter outstanding.To put it simply he is the best, I...
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Surprised the hell outta me

So I packed David Silva in the TOTS EPL SBC and the only thing I need to say is that he's a beast. Like the stats suggest , is passing and shooting is brilliant and he's pace is so good too (I really wasn't expecting that). He can blast off defenders with he's acceleration and brilliant drible and can finesse it like freaking TOTY Messi. The only bad things about this card is the weak foot and the strength.
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