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Nathan Aké - 84 - SIF
Meet SIF Aké, elite CB for BPL teams
By becevel21, 11-02-2018

While building a BPL team sooner or later you are going to struggle with the choice of CB, either you get daft, slow giants for aerial supremacy and sheer strenght or agile, small ones with high pace but lower phys and that get dominated by stronger STs.

Meet SIF Aké, the best of both worlds.

With no chem he starts with 78 dribbling stats (2nd is IF Azpi with 76), 86 reactions and 80 composure. Crazy stats on par with IF Azpi, but the other dribbling stats are even better.

Pace is insane with great composure when sprinting: no more cow-running with slow giants and 86 (Azpi has 74, his great weakpoint) native strength to support the run. He can start a new play with extreme ease and thanks to his 88 short passing and 84 long passing you are sure to hit the right player.

Did I mention that all of these stats are before being boosted by chem style? (Anchor all the way btw).

Scroll up, apply Anchor on him and start to drool: yes, he costs "only" 130k atm, an unbelievable price for a great player. Oh, scroll down too, and see to what defenders he's compared by Futbin. You are welcome.

He is always in the right position and succeeds in most interceptions, even after a lost ball on a corner on offence he will run like a madmen to go back on def, unbelievable. I switched to Aké after struggling with Otamendi (great defender but his H/H workrate is just too dumb).

Def is not all 99s (with shadow it is, but don't do that), but it's perfect the way it is. Stamina is also great for a CB (85)

He is not the tallest one (180cm) but with 97 jumping and 90 heading accuracy (anchor) you will be amazed by his aerial play. I paired him with SIF Mustafi (another beast) and I am not going back ever.

I've tried many BPL CBs (Bailly=always out of position, Azpi=weak, Otamendi=kamikaze) but this guy is from another planet. Give it a go, I assure you are not going to take him out of your team anytime soon.

  • Insane pace and agility for a CB
  • Perfect positioning and defending
  • Defending/strength
  • Playmaker
  • Height (not bad, just not great)
  • Poor chem links for hybrids
Formation: 41212-2
Position: CB
Games: 8
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (6/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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I really enjoyed his first IF card, and when I saw that he was in the TOTW21 I was excited to try him out. I was just lucky to pack him as an untradeable last night. I use the SHADOW chem style on all of my defenders to give them pace and defending boost.
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So, I bought this card just before entering WL, and I must say, hands down the best CB I've used so far in the game. He hasn't got the height as other CB's, but put an ancor on him and he gets 96 jumping which makes up for the height. His pace is just insane, and combined with the pretty good strength he is a great match for every attacker out there. His passing and dribbling are very good for a CB - more like a CDM or CM, ...
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