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Henrik Larsson - 90 - Icon
Swedish Goal Scoring Machine
By Lewis94Gaming, 21-02-2018

To start off I've used his 86 rated card for over 400 games scoring around 600 goals. So I always wanted to try his prime card.

I play him at LS with a Hunter chem style. 57 games played in WL and Div 1 scoring 79 goals and 33 Assists


PACE 9/10

With his 92 acceleration and 88 sprint speed he just skips by players with ease. Definitely plays to his in-game stats in this department.



89 attack positioning and 93 finishing feels amazing in game he gets into open space and away from defenders. This is we're his 93 finishing comes into play he puts 9/10 chances away when he's in the box. Only downside is his 83 shot power his shots can feel weak if shooting from anywhere outside the box. Don't try long shots or volleys so can’t comment on those stats?



N/A apart from his 1-2 passing don’t advise using him as a CAM, only good stat is his curve which is amazing.



Agility 89/Balance 82/Reactions92 all 3 feel/play like high 90s in game he turns so fast and smooth doesn’t feel heavy or clunky at all. 86 ball control and 84 dribbling feels like low 90s the ball just sticks to his feet, he is very hard to tackle clean he draws a lot of fouls out of players.

84 composure the stat that divides fifa players across the world. For me I don't notice it at all like I stated in the review he finishes 9/10 chances for me.



N/A apart from his 96 heading accuracy which is very good for a 5ft10 player.



Only stats worth mentioning here is his 86 stamina he can run all game long and his 92 jumping along with his 96 heading accuracy working wonders. He has already out jumped the likes of Ramos, Silva, Bailly, Boating, Luiz and many more.

He's strength isn't the best but he's not build for that. 74 aggression I don't really notice it in game so can't comment.



I unlocked his SBC for 360k I made about 200k from the packs which is ok. I would highly recommend trying him if you can do it for under 400k. He plays above his stats and is one of my favourite ST's I've used all year.


Hope you guys enjoy this review.



Finishing/Low Driven Shots


4* week foot

3* skills

Low Strength

Formation: 4312
Position: ST
Games: 57
GPG: 1.39
APG: 0.58
Pace (5/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (5/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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He is a beast, I love his agility and how he takes shots, I love his pace, he almost scores 2 goals per match for me and my team, is the best striker I have ever had, he is a complete player, his displacement is good and he knows how to avoid opponent defenders. His Long-shots are perfect and his finesse shots too. He also has good jumping and headers in corner kicks. Simple, I LOVE him.
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So after 10 games in weekend league i must say that Henrik Larsson is one of the most clinical striker i have used on this game. I have earlierd used Mane potm at striker, but after i saw the stats on Henke i was convinsed that he was my go to man. I currently play him as a striker with salah potm on the other side. Henrik Larsson is the most clinical striker i have ever used in fifa, and if you want a man that scores, Henk...
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This card is a cheat code. I am a gold 1/elite 3 player so I have used a number of good strikers but this one is on another level. I completed his SBC for about 140,000 thanks to the cards already in my squad.I use him on the left striker position next to 86 Batshuayi (who is a beast as well might I add). Lets start with his pace - he is blisteringly fast and can beat most defenders even with a few yards head start. His fin...
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