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Raheem Sterling - 87 - PTG-Spring
Aubameyang 2.0
By Catalin10, 11-03-2018

What an absolute beast!

I got PTG Sterling 2 times from the Spring SBC.

First time I sold him , and now I decided to give him a chance.

He is amazing.

Before this card appeared, I tried his 87 RW if which was kinda awful compared with Willian or Salah.

Now he is a CAM!

This position change helps the card a lot!


That 95 pac is so useful in game and it seems like 99 WITHOUT a chemistry card.

One of the most fastest players in fut18 (Faster than Salah90)

You will just pass so easily through defenders with Sterling.


Well, I tried Sterling on both ST and CAM and I would say that is more useful as a ST.

His positioning,finishing are alright for a ST

But I cant say the same for long shots as his not good enough for that ( You cant compare him with Willian at long shots)

But thats not a problem as you will use a chemistry style which will help him to improve shooting stats (In my case I am using Finisher)


84 passing is enough for a Striker.

So it is enough for him. There are players with less than 75 so in that case you need to improve passing by chemistry

The most brilliant about his passing? SHORT PASING 91 Is really useful for a ST to pass correctly with the cm’s / wings. 90% of his passes are good.


Is it so good for a Striker

As I said we can compare him with Aubameyang ,but Sterling is so good at dribbling.

Pace+dribbling+4* skills , you will move as you want where ever you want. Agilty and The Balance are the best stats and it really feels like that.


Nothing to say really , he is a Striker.


Sterling strength it is not really good enough so here we will need a boost by chemistry style.

Stamina is very good , as he can last the whole match just running continuosly.

However , Jumping and Strength are not the best , but if you used ST like Son IF , you will like him a lot.


Great card , very useful. If you get him from the sbc give it a chance and try, you will not regret.

As an investition , the average price is 200/250k now which is kinda cheap. After the sbc will be done , probably it will go up. However he is playing for City ,and probably will be a starter for Englend too. I can guarantee that he will get at least 1 if in the future.

So I would recommand to keep him in club , cause after it will the next if this card can go up to 350-400k.

Comparable players :

Son IF 84


Wilson SIF







Formation: 41212
Position: ST
Games: 6
GPG: 1.17
APG: 0.83
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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