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Olivier Giroud - 86 - Award Winner
Olivier Giroud
By Kebown, 26-10-2017

Olivier Giroud. Where to start?

Most magnificent beard in professional football? Check.

Sexiest man in professional football? Check.

Puskas award for an insane goal? Check.

Cheapest icon in FIFA 18? Check.

He's ticking all the boxes. Used him in 20 games so far and boy is he something. I've mostly played him as a CF behind Mbappé in a 4-4-1-1 with Martial and Ousmane Dembélé on the wings and Matuidi and Tolisso in midfield. It seems to fit my playstyle really well, a bit slower play based on possession and quality finishing. Before Giroud's hero card was released I tried his regular card in the CF spot and he scored 46 goals for me in 72 matches and racked up 24 assists. I've also tried Benzema (who was absolutely atrocious) and Fekir (decent) as CF's but I always seem to come back around to Giroud. I use him with a marksman chemstyle to boost his already high dribbling, shooting and physical. His dribbling is pretty decent, despite his 2* skill moves, he's really hard to take the ball from with his 99 strength and 95 ball control (with chemstyle). His shooting is next to none, get the ball on his left foot and fire away from anywhere near the box and you will score. He's a beast in the air and can take shots from range as well.

I don't find his lack of pace very disturbing as my playstyle don't need a CF with pace but for others it might be a dealbreaker.

First touch


Long shots

Strength +++++

Defense (obviosuly) although he's really strong in the air in both boxes


Formation: 4411
Position: CF
Games: 72
GPG: 0.64
APG: 0.33
Pace (3/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (2/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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First Giroud card that feels fairly quick !

I treid pretty much every single Giroud card this year.Everyone who tried is aware of what kind of player it is.He kills it with his left foot every single time, scores from every distance, wins every header and simply cannot be pushed off the ball by any player, the only way to take the ball when he is shielding properly is to foul him. On this 94 version he also feels magnificent on the ball...
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I packed Giroud from guaranteed sbc and at first i was disappointed but after playing with him i don't anymore. I play him as my central cam in a 4231, i had tots pjanic there originally. No way is Giroud going to replace him entirely but he will play from time to time because he is just a fun card to use. His first touch is great probably one of the best in my opinion. I think we have a been there when we do a driven pass ...
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Absolute Tank

nrsks absolue I hvae This giroud is genuinely insane. I was looking for something around 40k and found him - I'd never use giroud in the past simply because of his pace but I looked at the 75 pace and thought why not. Great choice. I play him at ST but considered playing him at CAM because I have faster players, but ive found that playing him as a true target foward and feeding the ball to his feet works absolute wonders.
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