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Thierry Henry - 93 - Icon
Absolutely Incredible
By Jackinfenwa819, 11-04-2018

This man is something else. I completed his SBC when it came out and haven't looked back since. For me, this lad is 100% worth the coins I spent on him (2.8m), but for others maybe not.

He has single handedly won me so many matches in DKT, Weekend League and Online Seasons, it's beyond ridiculous. His balance does not feel like 66, more like 70-75, but he can be pushed off the ball after a nudge occasionally, mostly at the hands of Eric Bailly. He is lightning quick, and ridiculously agile for his 6'2" frame, and oh boy, can he bang them into the net. Any player with a 1:1 GPG ratio is special, and combined with over a 2:5 assist ratio, that is something else. His workrates aren't ideal for a striker though, so when he tracks back, don't expect him to get back to his position in a hurry. If you are considering splashing your cash on this beast, I strongly encourage you to and you'll never look back.

  • Pace (Burns any CB on the game except for Bailly)
  • Shooting (Basically a cheat code, press B from almost anywhere and it will result in a goal, and most likely some broken controllers from your opponent)
  • Height (Wins headers for days against anyone, except for maybe Bailly)
  • Strength (This guy is as strong as they come, slap a finisher chemistry style on him and say farewell to all defenders apart from Bailly)
  • Workrates (If you don't track back with him it's fine)
  • Not affordable for most people
Formation: 41212-2
Position: ST
Games: 505
GPG: 1.05
APG: 0.40
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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Movement is stupidly good, have a good passer in behind him and you are sorted. I myself have issues with finishing but with this guy there are no problems at all. Physical is just a joke for someone with his speed, to have this strength is just a deadly combo. Pace is certainly not an issue, play a through ball in behind and Henry is getting there. If you are looking for an Icon striker and have the coins to get either R9 ...
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Henry is a god among men. He has incredible finishing and finesse shots and he actually feels like 95+ pace for me. He can muscle any player off the ball and outpace even the fastest defenders. I actually sold his 87 version and Messi to afford his SBC, but he is definitely worth it. If you have the coins, I'd strongly suggest getting this beast.
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One of the best players I've ever used!

As an huge Arsenal fan, seeing that Henry got an Icon card this year was unbelievable, I wanted to get him as soon as possible. I was ready to get his 90 rated to find out that Prime version is actually being released and somehow I just had enough (thanks to my pack luck giving me Messi from MM's). Into the review, he is absolutely incredible and there is nothing he can do. Very quick and is quite str...
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