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    Nicolás Otamendi - 93 - TOTS
    Otamendi TOTS
    By phoenix2208, 16-05-2018

    So I packed this guy and wasn't too happy but thought "he fits in my team, might as well give him a go". By god he is a tank, he is always saving me ass when I make a mistake or when my SIF Ginter decides to be an idiot.

    Defensively amazing: Will pretty much always make the challenge you need

    Physical: Has amazing strength and jumping, so almost always out strengths the opposition or out jumps them.

    Passing: I've had other defenders who when they've made a challenge they then pass the ball straight back to the other team, Otamendi has 92 short pass and 86 long pass so he always manages to clear his lines

    Pace: without an anchor or shadow chem style, he is woefully slow

    Shooting: He's a defender so who cares, although he did score a bicycle kick for me once

    Formation: 4231
    Position: CB
    Games: 60
    GPG: 0.05
    APG: 0.02
    Pace (6/10)
    Shooting (5/10)
    Passing (9/10)
    Dribbling (7/10)
    Defending (10/10)
    Physicality (10/10)
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    Like most people, i was pretty disappointed to get Otamendi in the TOTS SBC but he has turned out to be the saving grace in my woeful defence! His tackling is spot on 99.9% of the time and his strength feels stronger than 89. He is deadly from corners (Even scored a hattrick) and will save you games. Alongside Bailly his pace dosen't affect him to me a he tackles the opponent before he is beaten. His high attacking work rat...
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    PACE: So lets get the most noticeable thing out of the way first, the pace on this card shows that he only has 69 acceleration and 72 sprint speed. Adding a Shadow looks like it takes it up to 84 acceleration and 82 sprint speed. First thing I did was slap a Shadow on him and in game he feels very quick and fast. I have also tried TOTS Vertonghen out and Otamendi with a shadow feels a lot faster. I think th...
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    El sargento Nicolas

    OMG this card is unbelievable. I have to admit that when I saw it had 71 pace I was a little bit discouraged, but I still decided to give him a try and I was surprised by how good this card is
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