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    Leroy Sané - 87 - PTG
    What a beast!!
    By batin, 18-05-2018

    First of all, I was lucky to pack him in January, I tried to play with his 82 card but I really didn't know how to play with him. He got an inform (86) a few months later, I tried him too and he didn't play well.. I used some different squads with left wingers like Douglas Costa as example because I am a skiller. Then I decided to use his 86 rated card back and what a beast he was!! He literally walked past the defenders his dribbling and physicality were amazing, but I thinks he was not that good at finishing or his composure wasn't that good which was the only con for me. I saw yesterday he has an inform and I was so happy and excited to try him out. He is probably one of the best left wings on the game.. AMAZING PACE, OUTSTANDING DRIBBLING(with marksman chem style), he strengthens Desailly off the ball...

    • Passing, with the new upgrade he got +5 passing which is absolutely amazing! 88 short passing.. he gave so much assists for Jesus
    • Pace, don't need to talk about it, you just can't hold him by..
    • Long shots: He scored a lot of long shots for me, the marksman chem style improves it tho..
    • Finishing: I think this card is much more composed in front of goal than his 86 rated card.. He rarely misses in front of goal.
    • Strength: With that pace and a marksman which gives him 81 strength, he does not get pushed away in shoulder against shoulder situations.. Last match he pushed away Desailly for me.
    • Dribbling: his ball control, agility, dribbling everything is perfect.. He turns soooo fast with the ball. (it may be because of the marksman chem style)
    • Crossing: with that 89 crossing every cross with him goes perfectly to where I want the ball to go.. I didn't have even one bad cross with his 87 card which is also an amazing improvement to his 86 rated card
    • Positioning: He is always at the right place at the right time at the left forward position for me, if he gets in behind, the opponent won't catch him again RIP
    • Defending: You can put your opponent under an amazing pressure by putting (press back line) on him,he will intercept a lot with that pace.

    • 3* skills (but he turns that fast with L1 button on ps4 that i dont even notice his skill con)
    • 3* weak foot, obviously you will prefer to shoot with his left foot, right foot is not trash but not that clinical
    Formation: 4321
    Position: LF
    Games: 12
    GPG: 1.25
    APG: 0.67
    Pace (10/10)
    Shooting (9/10)
    Passing (8/10)
    Dribbling (10/10)
    Defending (4/10)
    Physicality (9/10)
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