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Timo Werner - 95 - TOTS
By dotisal7, 23-05-2018

I was pretty excited to get this guy in my guaranteed TOTS Bundesliga pack alongside 95 Kimmich, after stressing over how i would link him with my POTM 2 Salah I finally got the chance to try him out. I dont even know where to start in all honesty. Werner is by far the single best player Ive used in any Fifa, i thought my 92 Salah and prime Overmars were broken but Timo makes them look like Danny Ings and Daniel Sturridge. When looking at his card the first thing that may stand out to you is his pace, so I guess ill start with that.

Pace: 98. Dont need to say much else do I? To be fair this number doesnt fully capture just how fast this guy is. Even the typical FUT Champs opponent; generic BPL Team number 357, with their Walker's and Bailly's all kitted out with a shadow card are no match for Werner. If he gets even a couple yards of space to use his 99 acceleration and build up speed every player on the opponents team will be left in his wake.

Shooting: As we all know pace alone doesn't make a card good. Raheem Sterling's First IF is a perfect example of this. He will breeze past a defence before placing his shot high and wide. Does Werner have this problem? Short answer - no. Long answer - virtually every shot he takes goes in. This guy's finishing unreal he's so clinical. Even in games where the opponents Fahrmann has decided to turn into TOTY David De Gea I can always rely on Timo to find the top corner. He is best on his right but a 4* weak foot makes him more than capable on the left. All types of shot can are lethal when timed correctly, low drivens always sneak under the keeper, finesses always lodge into the top corner and power shots are unstoppable. I haven't really tried out his long shots yet but if their anything like his close range shooting then weekend league opponents should be worried.

Dribbling: Agility seems to be really important in FIFA this year. It is all to common for a defense to be torn to shreds by a Messi - like display of trickery. Timo's dribbling is very similar to any of Salah's 90+ rated cards. At high speeds he can turn sharply to break free from defenders which can be very useful on counter-attacks. His close-foot dribbling is also incredible, second only to the likes of TOTS Mahrez, prime Okocha and perhaps Messi himself. This close control allows Timo to fashion an angle for himself in the box, resulting in an unstoppable strike into the top corner.

Passing: Not something I prioritize when looking at strikers but it is still important none the less. In terms of quick one-two passes Timo is up there with the best. All too often Werner links up with Salah to re-enact scenes drawn straight from Pep Guardiola's Barcelona side. His long passing isnt quite at the levels of KDB or End of an Era Pirlo but that isn't too relevant with an out an out striker. His through balls are accurate enough to play in other quick attackers, hence why he has racked up a fair amount of assists for me.

Defending: Who Cares? He's a striker.

Physical: This is my one and only criticism with Timo. His physical stat is relatively high due to very high stamina and jumping. However his strength is a rather modest 73. This isn't exceptionally bad to the extent that it harms his effectiveness. His pace and agility should be more than adequate to get past any IF Azpi or Prime Ferdinand.

Overall: If you have the coins to buy this guy why are you still waiting. Do it, you wont regret it. .

Pace (obviously)




Formation: 4321
Position: ST
Games: 20
GPG: 1.70
APG: 0.85
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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First i've tried the 82 Werner when i started to play FUT. He was a game changer then, a real OP striker. With his high attacking rate he is always there where you need him. He is the only he is never missing from my team. This 95 rated card made him a real superbeast! Real pacey, he curves the ball like Ronaldinho :) so you must have WERNER! Try it out, give him a shhot, he worths the money, thats for sure.
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Like others have said, Timo Werner is a broken card. Thought he was just hype but my god, he is extremely devastating. Think of how broken Bailly, Bakayoko and Jesus are in this game, they don't even come close. I am certain the EA devs didn't expect this card to be so overpowered maybe because they didn't have enough time to test.Timo Werner became a must buy player for me since I needed to get my untrade...
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Werner is such a great player, I had a bundesliga team and when I first saw this card I decided to buy it. I had the regular Werner and he was just great, just for 1,200, so I had no doubt in buying his if. He played 5 games and scored 8 goals, great goals. His pace will make the opponent´s defenders slow, and his shooting not bad at all, he feels like an 86 rated at the field. Worth every single penny. Finisher chem style...
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