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Timo Werner - 95 - TOTS
Timo Werner is just unfair
By footbot, 29-05-2018

Like others have said, Timo Werner is a broken card. Thought he was just hype but my god, he is extremely devastating. Think of how broken Bailly, Bakayoko and Jesus are in this game, they don't even come close. I am certain the EA devs didn't expect this card to be so overpowered maybe because they didn't have enough time to test.

Timo Werner became a must buy player for me since I needed to get my untradeable TOTS Lewandowski on full chem with his partner in crime TOTS Muller which is a devastating trio but will leave that discussion for another day. I play Timo in a 4-1-2-1-2(2) formation (Yeah, don't judge me, it's effective) where he slots in the right slot. I applied the Finisher chem style to boost his strength and max out his shooting stats.

Timo is the sidekick you need for your big striker. He is the Robin of FUT 18 to be honest. He is rapid, two footed, clinical, easy to use and broken. His finishing is way too consistent you'd think he's a prime icon. I am so confident whenever I send Timo through on goal because he can shoot far post, outside the box, finesse, power shot and nobody can catch up with him. This guy is the definition of German efficiency.

I've used other strikers like TOTS Papu Gomez for example who is another animal in his own right but he had this weird first touch which could be annoying when you are through on goal and one-on-one with the keeper. Timo on the other hand doesn't have this problem because of his high composure which makes the ball stick to his feet and allow him shoot almost immediately. The moment I realised how broken Timo was when I lazily shot the ball from 30 yards with his left foot and it went in the top left corner. I put down my controller and almost began to weep because I would nevr want to be on the other side of such horror.

If you are running a bundesliga/German/hybrid squad and getting TImo on would be no problem, please get him as you won't be disappointed. Forget 4* skills, this guy just needs to be fed passes and he will score from any reasonable range. He can also assist goals as well so don't be afraid to pass the ball with him.

  • Pace: No defender will catch him
  • Finishing: Long range/power shot/far post/low driven/finesse shot... he scores everything with ease
  • Reaction: Once through on goal, no extra touch. Even while running, press the shoot button and he will react immediately.
  • Dribbling: His agility and balance makes him difficult to contain. He weaves past defenders like Neo in the matrix.
  • Positioning: Rarely offside and always ready to receive the ball.
  • Tries to beat defensive line trait: Will always be on the shoulder of the last defender so always watch him as he's always gonna be ready to make that run.
  • Physical: Tall enough, strong enough and is good in the air.
  • Stamina: Never gets tired and will keep sprinting till extra time.
  • Passing: Solid enough to bag assists.
  • Cons? Maybe he should be banned from the game. He's broken.
Formation: 41212-2
Position: ST
Games: 20
GPG: 1.20
APG: 0.85
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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I was pretty excited to get this guy in my guaranteed TOTS Bundesliga pack alongside 95 Kimmich, after stressing over how i would link him with my POTM 2 Salah I finally got the chance to try him out. I dont even know where to start in all honesty. Werner is by far the single best player Ive used in any Fifa, i thought my 92 Salah and prime Overmars were broken but Timo makes them look like Danny Ings and Daniel Sturridge. ...
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SuperTimo The Man

First i've tried the 82 Werner when i started to play FUT. He was a game changer then, a real OP striker. With his high attacking rate he is always there where you need him. He is the only he is never missing from my team. This 95 rated card made him a real superbeast! Real pacey, he curves the ball like Ronaldinho :) so you must have WERNER! Try it out, give him a shhot, he worths the money, thats for sure.
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Timo Werner

Werner is such a great player, I had a bundesliga team and when I first saw this card I decided to buy it. I had the regular Werner and he was just great, just for 1,200, so I had no doubt in buying his if. He played 5 games and scored 8 goals, great goals. His pace will make the opponent´s defenders slow, and his shooting not bad at all, he feels like an 86 rated at the field. Worth every single penny. Finisher chem style...
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