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Marc-André ter Stegen - 94 - TOTS
An interesting case of goalkeepers in this game
By VecchiaSignora, 08-06-2018

I was looking for at least a decent and somewhat consistent goalkeeper since December when I started playing FUT in FIFA 18. Recently, I got my hands on De Gea (90 Overall), so much glorified by almost all of the players, and I could not stand him. He was worse than every keeper I tried - Begovic, Fahrmann, Buffon, Donnaruma, Handanovic (normal and TOTS), and Ter Stegen (normal and IF). When I bought this Ter Stegen, I am finally good to play, I know what to expect of him, and I am so, so happy with his performances!

That is why I think the case of goalkeepers is very individual... Begovic and De Gea, while playing for my opponent, save almost everything. When in my squad, they are just slow potatoes.

To sum up, Ter Stegen TOTS is not overrated and totally worth the coins, at least for me :)




Saves a considerable number of driven shots

Could be a little bit taller

Honestly, if he does not save something, I'm not even mad at him because of what he does throughout the whole match and if he fails to save something for me, it most probably cannot be saved by anyone in FIFA 18

Formation: 4222
Position: GK
Games: 100
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (5/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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An absolute Wall

Ter Stegen is an absolute wall. Before I used Fährmann in goal, but I have to say Ter Stegen makes Fährmann looks old. He got the saves with feet trait and he is an absolute pro at 1 on 1 situations. He saved me many wins.Ter Stegen is very easy to link for hybrids, because of his nationality and he replaces any upcoming TOTS Bundesliga keeper as there won't be one that is that good. You can compare h...
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Best GK in the game

Ive tried nearly all great to elite goalkeepers in the game with the exception of De Gea and Neuer, and this card is by far the best I've had this year. I've had the likes of Courtois, Handanovic, Lloris, Buffon, Oblak, Cech, and Ederson both IF and non in form, and only Ederson comes close. In my experience this Fifa, it seems that all goalkeepers are flawed in some way, like if they are great 1v1 players they'll let in te...
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Great Keeper

Ive been searching for a Keeper for a while, ive used Schmeichel, TOTS Oblak, De Gea and all of them have major faults, this guy is better than all of them, he regularly makes saves i expect to go in, hes not perfect, the low driven shot seems to beat him often (but thats a weakness for most keepers tbh) but im happy with him, he also comes off his line for aerial balls very efficiently i find, can recommend him!
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