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Ivan Perišic - 87 - IF
Cheap Bale
By NotEdwardSnowden, 12-06-2018

I've played every FUT with Perisic since 2014. I usually played him as a CAM and he never let me down. He was always the best performer on the pitch. I can't really tell what his strenghts are. I guess he just really fits my playstyle and that's why he is so good at almost everything. He'll exactly know what you want to do and he'll do it. He'll score sick longshots, finish like a god, win important headers, outpace Bellerin, break most defenders in half, score a scorpionkick-goal before the game even started and much more without even being in your team. But all jokes aside - you can get much worse s**t for this ammount of money. He's just like Bale's croatian cousin. tbh though I have just played 1 game with his winger card till now. Either he's really good, or the edibles just kicked in faster than expected - but I think it's both.

  • 186cm height
  • 5 Star WF
  • 4 Star Skills
  • Ballcontrol
  • decent intercepting
  • speed + strength + shotpower = BEAST
  • Controllers can get harmed while using
  • his haircut man
Formation: 433-4
Position: LW
Games: 1
GPG: 1.00
APG: 1.00
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (6/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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Great Player

If you've used Perisic before in previous FIFA you know what he can do to your opponents. This card is just very good! He's not lightning quick but he can surely outpace a lot of defenders. Also his shooting is amazing, really good in 1 on 1's and his longshots are out of this world. I've used him the most at CAM and his passing is good aswell. At last he is also strong for a CAM and a can run all day long.
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Ivan Perisic Halloween card

The Ivan Perisic's Halloween card is greatI was looking for an appropriate player to post CAM. According to the advice I got from friends, I realized that I had to spend about 200K and buy Paulo Dybala, but besides I did not have this coin, I was too hesitant about the weak foot, so the decision I took the advice of my friends at a price of 80k perisic Halloween cardThis card is gr...
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Insane Perisic !!

I used this guy as a CAM. In front of him with Crespo and Dybala, and I have to tell you, this Perisic is the best I've ever played in this position. The dribble is fantastic, fascinated me, maybe it lacks a little balance but, nothing too much.I played with him in the DKT and in the first division. He scored 14 goals in 14 games. The 5 * WF, omg, shoot from where they want, however they want, the b...
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