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    Joshua Kimmich - 95 - TOTS
    Cheap Icon! (Kimmich)
    By aliabouzaid, 04-08-2018

    I still don"t understand why I am not seeing this card in any squads. All I see is TOTS Kyle Walker. This card right here is, in my opinion, the best RB on the game without a doubt. I used his TOTGS card since it came out and I loved him. But boy oh boy, is this TOTS card on a different level.

    First thing I noticed was that TOTS Kimmich is ALWAYS in the right place at the right time. I never feel like his out of position, but at the same time, hes everywhere on the pitch. One second, he makes a crucial tackle to win the ball back, next second hes making a run inside the box to then score a low driven shot across the goal. HE IS EVERYWHERE.

    Second of all, his interceptions are CRAZY. Many times, I see an open lane for a through ball, and my opponent sees the same opening for the through ball, I know he knows that I see the opening, and he knows I knows that he knows I see the opening. I also know that his thinks he going to score. But from nowhere, Kimmich swoops in a somehow makes an interception. It is beyond me. Like I said before, HE IS EVERYWHERE.

    His dribbling... effortless

    His passing... HAS NEVER misplaced a pass

    Crossing... If crossing was an art, Kimmich would be the Picasso of it.

    If you cant afford this card, buy his TOTGS NOW.






    Maybe pace?

    Formation: 41212-2
    Position: LB
    Games: 16
    GPG: 0.06
    APG: 0.31
    Pace (7/10)
    Shooting (7/10)
    Passing (10/10)
    Dribbling (9/10)
    Defending (10/10)
    Physicality (8/10)
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    Absolute god!!

    When i packed him in a guaranteed bundesliga tots pack, i had very mixed opinions, already having "packed" tots kyle walker as well.However, this guy is a beast wherever u put him. As a cdm for now in a 4-1-2-1-2, super subbed on at the start of a match, he was so reliable and classy and versatile.Just put a hunter and there is nothing more to be said
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    Paid 50k for him in the Bundesliga TOTS SBC and he is worth 100 times that. Chucked a hunter on him, and he becomes the most complete RB. He always stays back when you need him and makes good runs when he can. I switch him in-game to CM at half-time when struggling and he always pulls me through. His height isn't even an issue as he wins most headers due to his 98 jumping - unless you're coming up a 6'2" + striker he'll win...
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    Best attacking RB in the game

    From the time that Kimmich got his first inform, he has been a staple in my squad, usually featuring in the Bayern triangle. In a 4-3-2-1 I play an attacking style with RB/LB always on overlap. He is perfect for attacking. I upgraded from the 84 to the 86, and now that his TOTGS has come out he slots right in. I am usually smart about waiting until a player gets cheap after being in packs all week, but had to throw him into...
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