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95 - FOF
By KelvinHades, 23-08-2018

He is the definition of BARGAIN and CAM. Although his price has rebounded after Futties Best of Pack Promo, 100-130k is the bargain for such kind of outstanding player.

I am currently playing him as CAM in 41212(2), behind Prime R9 and FoF 97 Mbappe. Tbh, I brought him for the strong link with Mbappe, never tried any other version, tho I've seen a lot of positive comments in the community. He has one very very very outstanding ability which is his finishing with the left.

I know you guys gonna say he has only 3* WF, and Salah, Messi can do the trick, here's the thing, I have both Salah and Messi TOTS and Mo is my favorite player, but this Fekir guy can finish more precisely, consistently, frequently and beautifully, especially his finesses. I feel like his finesses are so assisted, 10 out of 10 times ended up in the net, even some shots I took were in rush and not really headed toward the corner of the goal, but still GK can't even have a touch and went in. I am pretty sure that's the area where he go a bit superior over Messi and Salah, without any doubt.

And long shots to the far post, near post, and outside footed shots are so much broken, just came out like God-Tier Striker. And his dribbling and passing stats (not gonna go very detailed, all stats at 95 average) and 99 STRENGTH make him invincible, i.e. no one can stop you from creating the chances to scoring the beautiful goals. Don't worry about his Work Rate too, if u are a big fan of H/H or something for a CAM, he has that one trait "Back Into Players" which will allow u to start very quick counter attack since he always ask for the ball, stay on your sight, position in very clean space most of the time.

As the last fact for the beloved community, I gonna share this: pick one of this cards in the transfer market and check his Goal:Game ratio, and you will see most of them are 0.8 to above 1.

So now you can see all the words I have mentioned in this review are facts. Sure I can play just one card, not all those cards but mine has pretty decent records and so as the others. Pretty sure he will rank u up.

Btw I am not an elite player, chilling at Gold 1 WL this whole year.


JUST SHOOT in any fashion

GLIDING through the defenders, SILKY SMOOTH

Can DELIVER the PASSES precisely in Longitude

Push him off if u can, 99 STRENGTH

Weak Foot but no need to avoid like Salah, cuz 3* WF works inside the box, just don't rate long shots PLUS his position, agility and dribbling won't make u too hard to get left footed position

Formation: 41212-2
Position: CAM
Games: 55
GPG: 1.38
APG: 0.95
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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Fekir Shot Power!!!!

I play him as a striker but I'm sure he will be god at cam too..! That 99 shot power omg he bangs the goals!! He has excellent pass, excellent dribbling, he is fast, he is agile and plus to all that 96 strength!!! Think of a Messi with 96 strength this is TOTS Fekir!!! Only con is 3 weak foot which is not so bad, but if u stick to that left foot you can score any type of goal!
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Absolute Boss

Play him as a CAM in 4-1-2-1-2 formation. I've used a ton of CAMs this year and Fekir is a long way above them all. Off the ball movement, shot power and strength are all great but it's his dribbling which means you can just run direct at their defence and turn a CB inside out. His right foot is not great though - some pretty shocking finishing on that side.
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Fekir Beast kind of!

I thought Fekir would be the perfect Cam behind Giroud because of his Pace and his Dribbling. The Price for his Card is incredible low and that Point (60k).
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