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    Alexis Sánchez - 90 - IF
    Great but not worth the coins
    By britojohn, 14-11-2017

    I have been wanting to try Sanchez out for a while and I decided to splash out the 393k coins(ps4) for him. I would play him in a 4-3-2-1 and sway him and Neymar when the game started so he would be striker. He feels much faster than his 87 pace, and his dribbling is phenomenal, the ball was glued to his feet when he got it. His finishing was great he scored some stunning long shots for me and in the box on his right was a goal 10/10 times. His aggression was HUGE, he would constantly strip the ball away from the other players defenders and he would also just bully his way through challenges. His jumping was also a pleasant surprise as he scored a few headers off of corners for me. My problems with him came from his weak foot. Low drivens on his left foot were non existent. He just couldn't finish with his left at all for me which was a huge bummer because of how good everything else was. Another issue I had was my insistence on keeping OTW Neymar in my team so I had to use Ozil to get Sanchez on full chem and that was annoying, so linking him for hybrids is hard. Overall I think Sanchez is an incredible card and that if you have the coins for him at least give him a shot. The weak foot was a deal breaker for me though because of how much he costs.

    -Pace (He feels way faster than 87)

    -Dribbling (Ball is glued to him)

    -Passing (His passing was always good)

    -Finishing in the box (right foot only)

    -Long shots (Long shots with him were sooo good)

    -Aggression( He wins a lot of balls back)

    -Jumping/Heading (Although hes short he has good jumping and scored some headers)

    -Weak foot (Could not score at all with his left for me)

    -Price (Expensive especially when there are much cheaper alternatives like martial)

    -Chemistry links make hybrids difficult (I was forced to use Ozil who I don't like)

    Formation: 4321
    Position: ST
    Games: 19
    GPG: 1.53
    APG: 1.00
    Pace (9/10)
    Shooting (9/10)
    Passing (8/10)
    Dribbling (10/10)
    Defending (7/10)
    Physicality (7/10)
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