Laurent Koscielny - 86 - SBC
Great CB
By ZackkFairr, 26-07-2018

As Koscielny's SBC returned. As an Arsenal Fan and as he is coming towards the end of his Fifa usability i thought i would get this card to replace Bailly. Great choice! And worth the 10k it cost me to do (i had cards lying around) Better than Bailly for sure. (But not by all that much)

Pace - Fast as you expect him to be. Anchor probably helps. Can keep up with most strikers to a point to do his job.

Jumping - Again the anchor helps but he can leap and win every header although he isnt the tallest.

Strength - I didn't expect this but Kosc is amazingly strong. He will hold his own VS anyone? Nice surprise.

Tackling - Sliding or standing is as good as you would expect.

Positioning - Not the best defender with positioning. But with this pace, strength and aerial ability it is fantastic.

Passing - Don't try and loft it to your striker over the top. Or wingers. Keep it short or switch the play and it is great. With the head is perfect.

Dribbling - His dribbling isnt the worst of defenders. But don't try and push forward with him ever.

Shooting - He cant shoot with feet or head. Wont score headers from corners though he will win them (try and nod down to a teammate. That works much better!)

Stamina - only having 77 stamina isn't the worst by any means as a defender. But i imagine in the Weekend League in Extra time he could let you down. (i will find out this weekend i suppose)

Formation: 4141
Position: CB
Games: 15
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.07
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (3/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (6/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (9/10)