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    David Villa Sánchez - 93 - FOF
    Don't wait, just buy!!!
    By MightyBantam, 02-07-2018

    I saw this card upon it's release and couldn't wait to purchase him. However, I got super lucky and packed him in the SBC!!! He is genuinely brilliant in game. He scores from everywhere and is so composed. When a game is tight, he has one moment of brilliance and a half chance finds it's way comfortably in the back of the net. I have a Premier League side so sub him on in the 1st minute (Poor SBC Alexi Sanchez gets bumped out to the RF position). If you struggle to kill off games this is the card for you. Other strikers I have to think about what's their strongest foot before positioning to strike.....Villa will score either foot, from any angle. To get the best stats boost, use Engine.



    5* weak foot,

    Movement off the ball


    Strength (some of the bigger TOTS defenders boss him off the ball).....that's all....his heading although low on the card isn't an issue IG.

    Formation: 4321
    Position: ST
    Games: 66
    GPG: 0.67
    APG: 0.18
    Pace (10/10)
    Shooting (10/10)
    Passing (6/10)
    Dribbling (9/10)
    Defending (2/10)
    Physicality (6/10)
    Buy NOW , regret.... NEVER ?!?!
    By doubai777, 07-08-2018

    Since all the prices have gone down the drain i find myself in the very pleasant situation of being able to try a variety of cards that are now very cheap. I only managed to get David Villa on "only" 7 chem (like it would matter that much) but he has been great for me. I feel like he's not as fast as advertised , although is very fast but whatever he may lack in speed he makes up in finishing. OMG , he is so good , with his both feet , it's really reassuring having him on your team because you know you won't be let down.

    • finishing - low drivens , finesses , lobs
    • dribbling - not the best again , but he is a player that moves nicely on the pitch
    • attack positioning - no matter if he plays CAM or ST his attack positioning is on point , always finding himself in great positions
    • price - i paid 30k for a 93 rated card with a good nationality , which means it's not that hard to link
    • pace feels not like advertised , but it's quite good nonetheless
    • he is not recomended for heading , it relatively small and through his career heading wasn't his forte. He will score the ocasional header if he's available and the cross TOTS Debuchy-esque , but in corners and stuff nah

    Anyway , a very fun card to use that can heavily impact your game , no matter if he's a starter or a sub.

    Formation: 4312
    Position: ST
    Games: 5
    GPG: 1.60
    APG: 1.40
    Pace (8/10)
    Shooting (9/10)
    Passing (8/10)
    Dribbling (8/10)
    Defending (5/10)
    Physicality (7/10)