89 - FOF
Hurry up before he goes extinct like FOF Sonaldo!
By xxxMNGxxx, 11-07-2018

I first bought him as an upgrade to TOTS Debuchy and he's an absolute beast at right back. Best RB in game by a mile! Bullied players off the ball, bombarding up the opposition left flank with his raw pace and strength and all that - you know what to expect with his stats. Early-game IF Valencia went up to 500K and Moses is like the the TOTS version of Valencia at only 350K. He's not cheap, expensive even, but as an end-game RB you get more than you pay for with Moses.

I played him for 2 weeks in the WL and Seasons D1 before making the decision to liquidize him and go for Prime Vieira. As I sold TOTS Fabinho I somehow decided to give Moses a go at the right CDM position - oh boy what a glorious decision has it been! I subbed him on at kick-off and he outperformed every midfielder that I've had at CDM (except Prime Gullit but you just can't fault him for that).

Defense is never my strength but with Moses I have been able to defend with confidence because I know the guy will make up the grounds to cover any gap in my defense with his speed and stamina He's interception is insane when the opposition is passing around trying to build up a chance, and he continues to chase down players like a raging bull going on a rampage. With Moses, any counter-attacking play with quick 1-2s became obsolete because he's got the speed to chase down the 2 attackers and brutal strength to bully the attackers. If you don't touch your CBs, most of the time you'll easily win the ball back with a big mid-finger to 1-2 abusers. I'm now running him as my end-game CDM, why go for Prime Vieira when I can afford Moses for just fraction of the price?

All in all, he is an all-rounded option at RB/CDM, with the most important traits for an RB: pace, strength and stamina, With anchor he outperforms TOTS Kimmich/Prime Zanetti by a mile, and he's got the shooting and dribbling stats of an attacker to make him the best all-rounded option over TOTS Walker/Valencia.

Hurry up before he goes extinct!

  • Dribbling - insane acceleration to get past opposition's first line of defense
  • Stamina - runs around in the midfield for 120 minutes non-stop
  • Possession: protects the ball very well, he's able to hold up against high-pressing oppositions with L2

  • Expensive - but you get more than you pay for
  • Through balls can sometimes be off
Formation: 4222
Position: CDM
Games: 68
GPG: 0.07
APG: 0.22
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (7/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (10/10)