Luis Suárez - 99 - FOF
99 Suarez Review
By Mikeyxgee, 14-08-2018

Hello all. This is my first ever review.

I packed this bad boy in a regular gold upgrade pack, i could not believe my eyes. I was so happy i packed him, the best card i ever packed, and possibly in my opinion, the best card in the game. I had to tweak my squad so i can start him, i wanted people to fear me when they saw him in my squad. I used to run a 433, but i wanted to run the best squad possible and i was not willing to sell Sonaldo, and i literally just got 94 Aguero minutes before packing Suarez, and i could not let go Firmino either, i am too attached to him. So then i decided to change to a 442 and buy a La Liga RM and RB to get Suarez on chem. I ended up buying TOTS Aspas and TOTS Roberto. Literally the next day, i packed 97 FOF Isco in those amazing 81+ upgrade packs. The FIFA Gods wanted to make me suffer when it came to who to fit and start in my i usually end up swapping Aspas out and putting Isco in after halftime and it works fine. Now here is my review:

This is hands down the most overpowered, unfair, unreal, amazing card. If you aim at goal and hold down for just ROUGHLY the ideal amount of power, his shots will somehow find a way to go in, at any range. In 61 games i have 94 goals and 46 assists...completely unreal. I decide to run a catalyst chem card to improve his pace (88 sprint speed without it, 98 with it) and passing (78 without it, 83 with it), whereas literally every other stat asides from defending is nearly 99 (majority of stats are 99). But, as we all know in this FIFA, some cards feel broken, meaning their in game performance do not really feel like what their stats say they are. Let me explain:

I have seen people say they avoid using Suarez because he is big, thus making him feel slow and sluggish and have low balance. Well, i have not used his other cards, but this 99 rated monster totally negates those claims. Suarez is so light and quick on his feet, it feels like he has balance closer to 80 than 69; meaning he recovers from his "imbalances" faster than i have ever seen (partly thanks to his 99 acceleration). Also, add his 94 strength to this and it is nearly impossible for anybody to take the ball from him. He has the strength to back off any defender, and the quickness to recover the ball even if he loses possession of the ball from shielding it. Another stat that does not seem true is his weak foot. Yes his 4 star weak foot could be considered sufficient, but it honestly feels like 5 star. Any low driven shot, any finesse shot, any long range shot, just any shot in general with his weak foot always goes where you aim or in for a goal. In addition, his jumping does not seem like it is 81. He has 99 heading accuracy but this 6 foot tall dude barely wins any headers for me, thus making 99 heading accuracy misleading on some occasions in a way.

This 1 card changed my FUT experience for me, never has FUT been so fun to play now. Sadly FIFA 19 is coming soon and i will have to say goodbye to this deadly force to be reckoned with. This will most certainly be the best card i will ever use in any FIFA, ever.

In short, all i can say is this guy is a behemoth with aimbot shooting. Easiest way to describe this card.

Onto the pros and cons:

Pace: 99 acceleration makes him so quick on his feet that he can recover the ball and out-accelerate just about anyone. With catalyst, his sprint speed jumps to 98, so now only players with 99 pace can catch up to this guy, but not everyone can take the ball due to his...

Physicality: 94 strength striker... this guy bodied so many defenders. Nearly impossible to body him and take the ball from him. His 99 stamina makes this guy never get tired, i play so many extra time matches and at the end of 120 minutes of constant running, he barely has less than half his stamina left (assuming you enter match with 99 fitness). Even harder to take the ball when you know how to use his...

Dribbling: dont be fooled by his 69 balance. His quickness on his feet have him recover from his imbalances instantly. 6 foot striker, but feels like he is the size of messi or mertens. I cannot stress enough how light on his feet he is, he can execute dribbles with ease because of his light feet.

Passing: all his passes are perfect, except for long passing, but rarely (83 long passing with catalyst. Without catalyst, all other stats are 99 and they all feel like they really are 99 stats). Also, his vision and IQ is amazing, he doesnt run blind, like some players make runs while hugging a defender. Suarez always finds ways to get open, and always makes passes to the right spot. He runs alongside 94 Aguero and they both have amazing IQ and vision, Aguero has 61 assists in 67 games, mostly all of those assists have been to Suarez. He will always find the perfect places to make runs and make passes to. Eagle vision he has.

Shooting: all i have to say is, A I M B O T. Aim at goal, dont overdo or underdo power too much, and the ball will magically find it's way past the goalie and into the net. No traits or anything can stop his shots.

In short, everything aside from defending is basically immaculate.

Price: For roughly 2 million coins, this 99 rated card is worth it. Yes i packed him for free, but seeing other cards like toty/tots ronaldo and some icons go for twice the price, i believe this 99 rated card is worth every penny. But... not everyone can pull 2 million coins out of their ass, so his price can also be a con.

Price: a hefty amount of coins to buy. Probably can pack him faster than you can grind for coins to buy him.

Defense: not a big deal, that's why you have midfielders, right? But, i guess you can abuse his 94 strength and 92 aggression to your advantage and body players to take the ball. Other than that, his defense is a not worth using.

Formation: 442
Position: ST
Games: 61
GPG: 1.54
APG: 0.75
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (6/10)
Physicality (10/10)