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Quincy Promes - 91 - Futties SBC
Insane Card. Must get
By FifaPlayerReviews, 05-07-2019

I jumped to complete this Fut Swap SBC as soon as the tokens were available. I can't say that I was disappointed at all. This guy has literally everything you would want from attacker, apart from height. Then again height would probably take away from the magic of this card. Since completing I've played 9 games of Weekend League (casually). Currently going 9-1. This guy really is a monster. His dribbling is some of the best I've ever used. Not necessarily in terms of how fast he feels but more in the way that you cannot take the ball of this guy. It's literally glued to his feet. The finishing is a 9/10. Clinical but not on the level of a Eusebio or Ronaldo. Passing and Pace are exceptional. Surprisingly his passing seemed to be one of the standout positives. His through balls were very accurate and incisive. Overall, I'd highly recommend you complete this FutSwap considering its so easy to complete.

Pace Pace Pace


Skills/weak foot



Physical (for the style of player)



Not really a con

Formation: 4222
Position: CAM
Games: 8
GPG: 1.75
APG: 0.88
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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I wanted to try some new fut birthday players so I sold my Bale and got Promes. Promes is by far the better player. He's quicker, more skillful, and he has a 4 star weak foot opposed to Bale's 3. I would recommend this guy if you can fit him in a team.
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Promes is Absolutely Mental

Quincy Promes can only be described with one word. That word is mental. Quincy Promes is an incredible player that has the ability to score the infamous timed finesse shots from outside the box, as well as being able to score free kicks, low drivens and 1-on-1's. Promes is undeniably one of, if not, the best left winger in La Liga Santander. Promes has 90 pace, meaning he can blitz past any defence without an issue. Promes ...
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I Prommes you.

So this is a strange review. I have tried all the LW in la-liga (outside of coutinho who i won't try (i want the pace still, so sue me.)He is.. better than the rest. But unless you need him for chem then honestly do not bother. Peresic is much better from Serie A. Anderson, Son, Martial all from the prem are better. There are honestly probably 5-10 others who are better. But at the same time this is a OTW so he could...
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