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Peter Schmeichel 93
By zhengaoli123, 10-07-2019

This is my first time writing a review on a player. And I'm writing on a GK position - a controversial position that always filled with both love and hate in a player. I will try my best to be objective.

I will start by giving you guys a little bit of my background. I started playing FUT from FIFA16 and I normally just play for fun (I have a job and a mortgage to pay so I can't spend a huge amount of time/money on this). Throughout the year I'm settled in D1/D2 in Division Rivals and Gold 1/2 in WL. Even tho I'm a casual player but I have a competitive personality, which means I sometimes get angry on the stupid, unrealistic and unbelievable events like la-whatever-volley and weird GK move. If my player sucks and I lose because of his weakness, then I'm fine with it because I'm expecting that.

The way I value this card is based on a couple of factors - playstyle, hidden stats, value for coins,

Now, let's start with the review. I don't like to use those 'amazing' words cause it sounds stupid if you say too many times, without the proof.

I have 100+ games with this card, mostly WL and Division Rivals. This year due to the strategy of making a hybrid team (mainly for better value purpose), I ended up using most of the 'high-end' GKs (Schmeichel 93, DDG 93, Courtois 90, Oblack 91, Neuer CL 91, Donnarumma 95, Alisson 95). I haven't got a chance to use VDS 89 and DDG 97 but I don't think I will pay ~800k on a GK. For me, Schmeichel 93 is the most consistent for me. I won't say he is the best because I haven't tried all of them, and it will be biased to just say that. However, he did calm me down by not letting in stupid goals. This is very important considering my limited time/budget with a competitive personality.

Stat-wise, I won't waste time commenting on the ones that everyone can see. And I simply don't think it makes any differences between all the high-end GKs, considering it will all goes to 99 with basic chemistry. However, I do wanna talk about the stats that people are paying less attention to.

  1. Reactions - based on my experience on using gk, the higher the reactions, the better chance the gk can save a close-range, rocket shot. The best is DDG, with the reaction of 90. And, as we expect, he does save a lot of close-range shot, and we always refer those as some crazy saves. Schmeichel has 88. It's the second highest among all the GKs I have tried. So he is not bad at all. The worst is Donnaruma (74), which means he tends to let in more close-range, rocket style shots, even-tho the ball is close to his body.
  2. Jumping - this impacts how a gk can jump (vertical & horizontal) to reach to the ball that is far from his body. The best is Neuer (77), as long as the ball is not like a rocket, he can somehow reach it. On the game, you can feel that Neuer can jump pretty far, which compensates his height, even-tho he is not short. Schmeichel has 75, comes after the Oblak (76). It means, Schmeichel can jump pretty far, this reflects on the diving save & punching the ball from the crossing/corners.
  3. Composure & Strength - you might see lots of ppl talking about this on non-gk positions but I think this is very important for GK as well. When it comes to a situation (most likely corners) that there are lots of ppl standing in the penalty box, the GK with higher composure & strength can perform the save or punch the ball out as expected, and will less likely to be pushed out by the attackers. In this area, Schmeichel is the best, with the combo with (74 & 84). He feels strong in the penalty box and always have good concentration on saving and punching. In this category, the worst is DDG. This is why it tends to make mistakes on corners/crossings.
  4. Height - Well this is pretty clear, the higher the better. The highest I have used is Courtois (199), Schmeichel comes into the 3rd (193, same as DDG, Neuer), after Donnarumma (196).

Now, after the stats I will go over some of the GKs I have used and tell you why I think Schmeichel 93 is better.

  1. Oblak - he has good reaction, jumping, and composure, but he is too short (188) and everything else is average among all the top GKs.
  2. Alisson - good reaction, but he can't jump (54), and the composure is pretty bad as well (65). And he is relatively short (191)
  3. Donnarumma - Tall, feels solid when the gameplay is good and the shots are straight and direct. But his reaction is the worst (74), basically, he can't save the close-range, power shots. I was so upset when I was using the tots version and realize this.
  4. Courtois - good height and reaction, but everything else is bad, he has some issues on corners because of the low composure and strength (70 & 78)
  5. Neuer - Well rounded GK, one of the favorite. He can handle all different kinds of situations, good reaction/jumping, sub-par composure and strength. The height is pretty good as well (193).
  6. De Gea - A very good GK, and the pros and cons are so obvious. The good thing about him is the reaction, combined with his height and traits. He can save one-on-ones using feet, close-range shots and any fast flying in shots. However, if the ball is a bit far from his body, the low jumping stats will make him look bad. Also, the low composure & strength stats always cause troubles in corners. When I use him, as long as the opponent fire a long-range shot, I got nervous. As long as the opponent got a corner, I got nervous. Simply put, he doesn't feel safe for me. The reason why the pros are using him is that they can defend so well outside of the box to minimize the opportunity to fire long, finesse shots. And, the TOTS/TOTY defenders are all 190+ so there are no problem-saving corners. When you look at the videos on the EA competition, most of the time they score inside of the box, that's why De Gea is a must have because of the reaction/reflex.

Now, Schmeichel.

Except he is the best in composure and strength, he is not the best in other categories, however, he is very close to the top. 88 Reaction (90 is the best), 75 Jumping (77 is the best), 74 Composure (74 is the best), 84 Strength (84 is the best), 193 Height (199 is the best), that means, he can handle all the situations. Long-shots, close-range, power shots, corner, crossing, finess/curve, one-on-ones, he can handle them all. Also, I believe the stats are all correlated and the correlation effect matters. I feel two things - safety and consistency. I don't get nervous in any kinds of situations because I know most of the time he will save it. I don't mind getting scored by 99 CR7 or R9 because no one can save it. The shot needs to be very good to get into the back of the net. That's how a good GK should be - only let in superb goals. Of course, he makes mistakes sometimes but that's understandable, as long as its not too much.

I got angry when I use other GKs because of different kinds of stupid goals. But for him, almost all the goals he lets in are legit goals that can only blame my personal gaming skills. He can handle all different styles of players. Constant crossing? No problem, he will jump and punch it away. Corner abuser? No problem, he will do the same. If he thinks he can't he will try to save it using his reaction/reflex. Long-shots abuser? No problem, he will dive. Asking-for-Rebounds Abusers? No problem. He will catch most of them. You can feel he is trying his best to save it. How would you be angry with him?

I will never become a professional player and I guess most of us are not. If this is the case then I highly recommend Schmeichel 93 as your GK, even-tho he cost you ~450k. If the budget is tight, try getting the Neuer CL, he is similar to Schmeichel but it's hard to link. I should have bought him earlier.

Give him a try, he is a good lad, a true legend.

All-Round Stats except for the GK stats.






Not the best in all the category, but that's cherry picking. Maybe the price, 450k is still a lot of money at this time of the game.

Formation: 41212-2
Position: GK
Games: 100
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (5/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (5/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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