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Gelson Martins - 82 - Normal
Gelson Martins
By TheLovelyChicken, 25-09-2018

His stats don't lie! He is absolutely rapid on the pitch! If he is passed the ball, he is not slow to begin with, like most players, he just runs and runs, as his 95 acceleration suggests!

In my first Division Rivals placement Match, I took the lead through Marcus Rashford, (another player I have reviewed, check it out), and the other player, who to be fair, put on a great match, won the game 2-1, scoring both goals with Martins! He blew me apart, and is physical side is a lot better than expected too!

At only 2'500 coins at the moment, (will go up when the full game is released, as I am playing on EA Access), his value for money is Great!

Although his short passing can be sloppy at times, and he doesn't score from long shots, he can whip in a brilliant cross, as long as you have a nice striker up top, I used Marcus Rashford, you will really notice this man's ability!

With 8 goals, and 5 assists over 9 games for me, you need to use him!

Thank you for reading

  • 100% his pace!
  • Dribbling (especially ball control)
  • Close range shot, if you have got used to the timed shooting!
  • Crossing is rarely off-target
  • His value for coins!
  • His short passing
  • His long shot
Formation: 442
Position: RM
Games: 9
GPG: 0.89
APG: 0.56
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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Do you do it?

So I saw this card, got hyped so did the SBC for about 70k. All in all I am not sure if this is worth while. He is above average as a player. But he doesn't have the x factor. At least not without an inform. Worth 70k now? No. Worth 70k later? Not a clue. I hope so.
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