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Lucas Leiva - 85 - IF
CDM Lucas Leiva
By AllFletch, 02-10-2018

I made a Serie A hybrid team and wanted to explore my options in the CDM position other than Allan so I went for Lucas Leiva whose face stats look great. Being Brazilian allowed him to fit right in the team since he got a link with Thiago Silva in the hybrid I made. I played him in the 41212 narrow as a lone CDM in which I set him to stay back while attacking and to cover central areas in the pitch. I was trying him over Allan who I had been using for a while, Allan lacked the height, passing, and ball control after interception and was hoping that Lucas would be an improvement in some of the areas. In this review I will be comparing him Allan a lot since in my opinion they are similar but with a different price range. After being dissented in his performance as the lone CDM in the narrow 41212 I came to the conclusion that he might preform better in a 2 CDM formation (4231 narrrow ) which he did. Even then he had to be subbed off. My final impression of him was the he was not worth it if you want a CDM that will be alive the entire game for the 20k that i payed for him Allan was a much better option as a lone cdm, even a second cdm he felt lackluster. If you have the coins to spare and dont mind subbing him off second half then he will be decent for you but absolutely not a game changer.

Pace - I used him with a shadow to give him the most pace possible since I wanted him to compete for the spot with Allan who is quicker. Having a shadow chem style helped him but he didn't compare to Allan, but that doesn't mean he felt slow (felt like 75 pace).

Shooting - With his Med/High work rates and the stay back player instruction I set on him he didn't get into many shooting positions so I cannot judge him on in completely but he did score a fineness shot from outside the box, but at the time of this review the finesse shots are viewed to be overpowered.

Passing - The first reason I decided to try him was the increase passing and vision stats Lucas had over Allan, the passing range on his card is decent nothing amazing. You have to make sure its on his stronger foot and that he's is perfectly on balance other wise he will mess the pass up. Having said that I expected a bit more from his passing that he just didn't deliver.

Dribbling - Second reason I turned to this card was his dribbling seemed decent and also seemed very similar to Allen's. In game Lucas's ball control felt really nice at times, he took certain touches when settling the ball that Allan didn't have. However his agility and balance were still an issue when trying to turn and pass.

Defending - His relatively high defending was the biggest reason I took to this card. His interception stat was 99 once a shadow chem style was applied which allowed him to intercept that ball at a usual rate nothing more, however I did not notice an improvement from Allan's ( engine on him) which could have been due to Lucas feeling slower and sluggish on the turn. His standing tackle was decent but nothing impressive. Over all it felt a little lackluster. As a lone CDM he suffered but i also tried him in the 4231 Narrow in which he seemed to preform better as he had a covering partner.

Physical - His physical stat on his face card was average and that's really what they were in game. His stamina makes it so that he's dead by the 55th minute which only intensifies the negatives in his cards. He is not strong in the slightest and struggles to push off low strength players and will not win headers. But his stamina was an immense issue.

Pace - Felt as expected even with a shadow chem style one him, was not the quickest in the midfield and only suffered as the game went on with his low stamina.

Shooting - When I bought his card his shooting was not something I looked forward to with his work rates, I'm sure you get what you see in that aspect.

Passing - If you get under pressure and quick panic pass with his weak foot you'll pay for it. Long passing with a clear field of view and on balance was worst than expected considering his vision and 85 long passing.

Dribbling - He is definitely not the most agile player and as with his pace this only gets worst as the game progresses due to stamina.

Defending - With his pace, stamina, and agility/balance problems Lucas suffers hard as a lone CDM but played better in a 2 CDM formation (4231 narrow)

Physical - His stamina was disappointing as he died 55 minutes into the game which meant that if you wanted him not to be a problem he must be subbed off.

Formation: 41212-2
Position: CDM
Games: 7
GPG: 0.14
APG: 0.14
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (8/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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