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Mauro Icardi - 88 - CL
This card is broken
By itzkani, 05-10-2018

I was initially very disappointed in myself for having been drawn into a bidding war over this card (which i had been eyeing for a long time) and ended up paying 121k for it. Knowing that at this stage of fifa coins matter alot, i contemplated selling him for the same price. I told myself that I would do it after i had tried him. And boy am i glad that i did. I slapped a hunter on him and the rest they say is history.

To put things into context, he replaced Mertens partnering Dybala. Now Mertens is a rapid goal scoring machine in his own right. Anyone playing Mertens would know that he finds himself one on one with the keeper alot. What is a let down though is his finishing. He can score 10/10 on one day but fail to convert any the next. I needed someone consistent who would put away the chances. This is where Icardi comes in (make no mistakes about it, I tried his normal gold card and found him reliable but against fast defenders, he was rendered useless). This card though is on another level altogether. What i love most about this card is his sense of positioning and his FINISHING. He is exactly where you need him to be. He scores all sorts of goals: near post, far post , headers, goals from acute angles (which i thought would be entirely impossible to score from). This man is a goal scoring machine.

Obviously his price for me!!

Tends to misplace simple passes at times.

There is nothing more that i can think off. It's the best 121k ive spent so far on fifa 19.

What remains a mystery though is why he is now extinct in the market

Formation: 4312
Position: ST
Games: 12
GPG: 1.25
APG: 0.58
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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To give you a quick run down. This guy is the perfect striker in my opinion. With 91 finishing he has the most clinical shooting I've seen in this game. Scores them from all angles all day long, inside and outside the box. He's only 5ft 11 but don't be fooled, he wins the majority of headers with 94 jumping and with 91 heading I genuinely think across 30 games he only missed one header. Seriously can't stress his arial abil...
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Icardi can be a frustrating card to get used to, but when you find his strengths he turns into a really solid option. I first tried Icardi alone up top in a 4-2-3-1, with Mertens and 1st IF Insigne at the two CAM positions behind him. He was very frustrating to play with; his strength was poor, ball control sloppy, and his passes were just not strong enough to get through tight windows without being intercepted. After about...
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He scores every header he gets and on 1vs1 he is deadly, with the engine chem he is fast and has good dribbling and has enough passing to get involved in build up playes I scored 55 in 23 games with him and If you know how to use him he is good in game as a target man and a good finisher.
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