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84 - Normal
My fav card this year
By ZackkFairr, 10-10-2018

Honestly this card is my favourite this year. He is quick, strong, can dribble and can shoot too. Loving every moment with him!

Headers - A strange one but honestly my favourite thing about this card. He has scored 4/5 headers but he always outleaps and beats players he has no right to be beating. It isnt the fifa BS header it is a proper header. it makes me happy.

Positioning - his shooting is great on his left foot. but he will score on his not great right too because he is always in the right place. its great!

Left foot - his left foot is a wand or a rocket. He can score from outside of the bix or inside. His left foot is just great.

Passing - as with his shooting he can play any type of pass with his left and it will go where you want it.

Dribbling - His dribbling is a bit low on card but with a sniper it boosts it enough you notice the change. He can't run through 3/4 players but he can skip pass one or two and play a pass or shoot.

Stamina - he has enough stam to play all game. I like it.

Weak foot- his right foot is OK. he can pass and score off it but it is not consistent. if you are vs an open net then his right will work. if the pass is perfect it will work. outside of these try and get on the left!

Strength - this card can feel a little weak. He will not hold up play well at all.

Formation: 433-2
Position: ST
Games: 20
GPG: 0.95
APG: 0.50
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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I had relatively high expectations when I bought this guy, just from looking at his price (19,250 coins on PS4) and stats. However, he shattered my expectations with 10 goals in his first 6 games. This card is unstoppable. Decently tall, fast, pretty strong and with an excellent shot, this guy is worth every penny. This card is that one player in your team, or your opponent's if you're unlucky, who appears out of nowhere, e...
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This guy is absolute amazing! I bought him quite early FIFA 19 for 20k Coins and Iam still using him, cause hes not easy to swap out. I played him a lot in Weekend League and he was always my best striker.I tried Iago and Bale with Pos. Switch by Custom Tactics, they should be better Striker, but they didnt perform like Rodrigo. I play LaLiga and didnt try Costa and Benzema, cause they didnt match my vision of a good...
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silent beast

Now, honestly I think that this man is an absolute beast. Although he is not the most flashy, he is absolutely insane. I love his dribbling and his reliability in front of goal. His weak foot and strength is a little bit of a downside but once he is behind defenders, it’s over. He is also reliable in the air and has decent skills.
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