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    Saúl - 85 - Normal
    Best CDM I've used so far!!
    By tsunamiSurfer3, 12-10-2018

    So, after watching a number of youtubers during the early access of FIFA 19, I realised that big, tall CDMs were part of the meta and were what won games. When i got the game on release date, the first thing I did was look at the tallest CDMs in the top 5 leagues. The likes of Matic, Kondogbia, N'zonzi etc. came up. I tried all of them and wasn't particularly impressed with any of them. I then decided to try Kante a couple days back as I had just enough coins for him and felt that my midfield was lacking meta CDM. Although he was the best of the ones I had tried, I felt like his height massively let him down. Big STs or CAMs would flick a header on and then the opposition team would be attacking my back line, with no CDM sitting in front of them. I personally didn't believe he was worth the 320k I payed for him. So I took a look at all possible CDMs again. Saul popped up. I checked what comments people had left on him and decided to try him. Due to his price tag, I was able to make 300k worth of improvements to my team. I was a bit sceptical of his interception stat as it is only 78 but don't let that fool you, he is AMAZING. by far the best CDM I've used this FIFA. I use backbone on him, as suggested by one of the comments, and he does everything. He intercepts everything, he can shoot, pass, dribble (sort of), defend. you name it, he can do it. Just take a look at his defensive stats with a backbone and that will explain what a mean. He is a must buy and personally i think he is the best non icon CDM in the game at this current time.

    Amazing defensive stats with backbone

    Incredible interceptions with backbone

    Good distance shooting

    Great passing

    Good physical, was able to push a lot of strong players of the ball

    He dribbling can be a bit sluggish at times but he is very good to power through the midfield and play a through ball

    Sometimes agile players can dribble or turn past him quickly however due to size and strength, he quickly regains possession most of the time

    Formation: 4321
    Position: CDM
    Games: 25
    GPG: 0.28
    APG: 0.20
    Pace (7/10)
    Shooting (7/10)
    Passing (8/10)
    Dribbling (6/10)
    Defending (9/10)
    Physicality (9/10)
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