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Álvaro - 82 - IF
Defensive Rock
By R0bst3r, 13-10-2018

Hello there! Welcome to my Álvaro review!

When this card came out, he was quite cheap to pick up (14k). As I didn't want to have a standard BPL starter squad, his card, together with Nakajima and Lozano, was a good option for my starter team. It's been a great buy so far! In-game I switch to a 4-3-2-1 formation, with him remaining on the LCB spot. I use the Anchor chemistry style on this card.

A complete defender for his rating, he surprised me with being such a cheap option. Relatively quick with good defensive and physical attributes, combined with okay stats for passing and dribbling made this card a no-brainer. He has yet to disappoint me after 60 games!


A great attribute, boosted even further by the Anchor style, for any defender. Álvaro has shown he can utilize this pace without problem. He has no problem catching up to fast players should they go for a gap in the defense. Not much else to say about it, it's proper, end of story.


He's a CB, so shooting isn't something I'm looking at in detail. He has slotted in two goals, but those were headers. Haven't tried to score bangers with this lad as well, so I'm not sure how to rate this. Looking at the stats, it'll be better to not figure out anyway


Nothing wrong with his passing. He distributes the ball quite well. No complains about his short passes. Long passes are reaching their target or the target area relatively well, but it ain't pin-point accurate. As he is a CB, I haven't used him for crosses.


Not a terrible stat to have, he is able to dribble into the midfield without breaking much of a sweat. But let's not try to continuously dribble to the opponent's box. His dribbling is not thát good. But good enough to create yourself some much needed space if necessary


Here comes his finest weapon. So far he hasn't set a foot wrong. His positional awareness is of incredible value. He barely lets his opponent leave his sight. Tackles, both sliding and standing, are executed without error. Interceptions haven't been an issue, he does the job cleanly. I'm still shocked how good his defending is. Perhaps Anchor is being a real help in this situation. Regardless, you'll not have to worry about this man continuously messing his defending up.


Another excellent stat, his phyiscal attributes have made him a rock at CB. Combined with his pace and defensive abilities, his strength and aggression give him the edge over most attackers. His jumping nullifies his somewhat small heigth, and a good stamina means even during the end game he will have energy left to make a few runs.

I would suggest putting Anchor on this card if you decide to purchase him. It bumbs the necessary stats up to the powerful combination I have experienced.


  • Pace
  • Defensive positioning + proper workrates
  • An excellent set of defensive skills
  • Physical has been surprisingly good

  • Heigth
  • Not to be used for cross-field passes
  • Getting more expensive the longer the game is out

Formation: 433
Position: CB
Games: 60
GPG: 0.03
APG: 0.02
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (3/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (6/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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