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    Mauro Icardi - 87 - Normal
    Might be one of the best finishers
    By ThijsFrank, 14-10-2018

    As a huge Icardi-fan I wanted to try him ASAP. The moment I had enough coins to buy him and Perisic I immediately bought them. As expected, Icardi was great for me. He has scored 146 goals and assisted 53 times in 140 games. He is just as lethal as in real life and has no problem with finishing. His heading is really good, if he has enough space. Despite his 94 jumping, he doesn't win a lot of headers against tall defenders like Davinson Sanchez. His pace wasn't a major issue for me, because my playstyle relies on build up and passing. Therefore his pace was fine for me. He only has 58 curve and 70 long shots, but still he scored a lot of finesse shots out of the box. His short passing was fine and I didn't had much problems with his dribbling and agility. He isn't the strongest the striker you'll find, but I didn't had any problems with his 76 strength.

    His finishing is just insane. Inside or outside the box, low driven or finesse. He's great.

    His shooting ability is a real game changer, can score some really tough shots.

    4 star weak foot is great for a striker who relies on his finishing.

    Heading is a definitely a pro, but he needs some space.

    If you prefer strikers with pace, he might not fit your playstyle.

    His dribbling isn't the best with only 3 star skills, 77 dribbling and 76 agility.

    Formation: 433-2
    Position: ST
    Games: 140
    GPG: 1.04
    APG: 0.38
    Pace (5/10)
    Shooting (5/10)
    Passing (5/10)
    Dribbling (5/10)
    Defending (5/10)
    Physicality (5/10)
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