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Blaise Matuidi - 85 - Normal
The Best Defensive Midfielder...
By KPpottle, 25-10-2018

Why has no one reviewed this card already? Honestly, where do i even start with this man? I use him with an Anchor on and oh my this guy could literally run your midfield by himself. He feels so quick when chasing a ball down that he will win 99% of the time. Even when he has the ball, his dribbling feels like the high 80's. He is a great player to link in hybrids and is from a nation which has a bunch of great players too to help you link him. Ignore his 2 star weak foot, he only uses his strong foot so when you collect the ball and pass he will successfully make that pass. His aggression is insane. I even sometimes score bangers from outside the box with a timed finesse or if you get into the box with him and finesse on his strong foot, it'll go top bins. I've had this card for 235 games (including FUT Champs) and he will 100% stay in my team for the rest of the year no matter what. He literally runs my whole team. Honestly buy this card it's insane.


-Workrates (Because he can score too)


-Shooting (Especially timed longshots)

-Agility (My personal favourite, he turns in a flash on and off the ball to catch up to anyone)


-Reactions (Reacts to a loose ball quicker than anyone else on the pitch)

-Defending (Feels like 95+)

-Jumping (Wins around 80% of headers)

-Stamina (You will NEVER have to sub him off even in extra time, trust.)

-Strength (Feels like 90+)

-Aggression (He will get that ball no matter what/who stands in his way, okay well apart from the ref...)

-Weak foot (Doesn't matter as he uses his strong foot anyway)

-2 star skills? (I ain't much of a skiller and plus he's there to win the ball not rainbow flick 5 players and volley it top bins.)

Formation: 4312
Position: CDM
Games: 235
GPG: 0.11
APG: 0.07
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (7/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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Solid midfielder, worth the money

When i saw this card i just knew that i must do his SBC. The base card of Matuidi was really, really good in my squad and i just couldn't imagine how good is the futmas one. And he didn't disappoint me. This guy is amazing, does his job really really well. As i play as a CM alongside Kante and Pogba, he is as good as these two. Sadly he is still 2/2 stars but if you accept it, you have an amazing CM/CDM player for yo...
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All futmas long I was waiting for a solid player to come out , that could eventually even play in my main team . I waited and waited and on 1 day I saw Matuidi . I played his normal card in my main team so I thought I could do him. His UCL card is about 140k and I completed the futmas card for about 130 , so it was definitely worth it if you talk about the price. First I did him I just thought oh ok now that I have him he i...
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Best CDM

This card gets the job done in midifield. He tracks back better than anyone I've used so far (Delaney, Naingolan, Paulinho, CL Veratti, even Live 87 Fabinho). He is fast enough to catch up to everyone, and he easily pushes fast players off the ball. Powerhouse Chem StylePlays LCDM in a 4231 so his weakfoot is not a problem.
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