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Rio Ferdinand - 90 - Icon
One of the best defenders in the game
By alek1904, 30-10-2018

I've really struggled to defend early in FIFA 19, and this guy rescued me. I've tried overpowered players like D. Sanchez and Van Dijk, but no one comes close to this guy.

I use him alongside Varane (who is also insane) and this duo has really worked out for me. I did the Prime Icon Set 2 SBC midway through the Weekend League, and this guy carried me to a decent Gold 2 after a bad start. I sadly didn't get anything good out of the packs.

He's litterally a tank in the defense, and catches up to much faster attackers easily. When he catches up he uses his strengt to just bully them of the ball, and he has never lost a duel like this in the games I've played with him. His heading is also great, and he defends well on defensive corners. He's not the best in attacking corners, but also wins alot of headers in the opponents box.

His positiong can be weird sometimes, and he's pushed up the field in some wrong moments sometimes, but with his fast pace this is not a very big deal. Because he can push up to high sometimes, I would recommend to use him alongside a defender with a high defensive work rate. His passing is also not the best, but he gets the job done.

Overall I think Prime Ferdinand is a beast. I've not tried any other icon CB's so I can't compare him to the likes of Dessaily or Maldini. If you consider to do the SBC, I would try to afford his treadable card first, in case you don't like him.

  • Height
  • Heading
  • Strength
  • Defending
  • Pace

  • Positiong
  • Passing is not great

Formation: 433-4
Position: CB
Games: 23
GPG: 0.09
APG: 0.13
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (2/10)
Passing (6/10)
Dribbling (4/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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Best Icon CB Ive Ever Used

I am a gold 3 player that has played this game for 3 years. I have used countless centerbacks but not as good as Rio. he is incredible in most stats. Besides Maldini and Desailly, he is the best centerback. his pace is incredible and his defending and physical stats make him the best he is.
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