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Kylian Mbappe Lottin - 89 - IF
Simply Unstoppable
By FUTOpinion, 07-11-2018

This will be a long read but if you want a thorough review then please read. I bought IF Mbappe for 873k, and honestly it feels like a steal at this point. At this moment I have played 18 games with this card all in Champs and Rivals playing him at RS in a 4-1-2-1-2 and using the DEADEYE them style.(Div 2, Gold 2 finish). My return has been 36 goals and 9 assists.

I have used many expensive players due to my pack luck this year. Compared to players such as Messi, Salah, Bale, 90 Stoichkov, Raul 88 and normal Mbappe, this card is a class above - particularly over his normal card. I can definitively say that this card is worth the extra 300k, and I'll explain why below.

This card is a complete joke for under 1mil. He would improve any player, any team and any finish within fut champions. Every game that I have played with this card, I have enjoyed watching my opponent frantically try to cover the through ball to Mbappe, only to watch him blast it past the keeper.

  • Pace - 97 is self explanatory really. When he's in behind the defence not even Varane will be able to recover the ball. The fastest player you will use.
  • Shooting- This is the most notable improvement over his base card. For example his normal card would score 6/10 chances whereas this card is a 9/10 type of card. His 89 finishing is no joke, especially with the boost he has received to long shots and shot power. I often find myself over-playing the ball to Mbappe because I back him to score over Neymar or POTM Hazard!
  • Positioning - This card demonstrates an attacking intelligence unlike other cards I have used. He makes incredibly direct runs, even without the prompting of L1 passes. He is ALWAYS in the right place, and begins his movements so early you have time to spot his run before he is offside, which is a problem I frequently find with other strikers.
  • Passing - With 86 vision and 84 short pass, he could probably even play CAM. This is important as his 1-2 passing is immaculate, allowing for faster and more precise attacking play. His crossing is also adequate, shown by the assists he has picked up for me. His curve (78) also seems to be a lie, as he constantly curls finesse shots in past a flailing keeper.
  • Dribbling - Touch = Immaculate. Every pass is controlled instantly with 91 ball control. He beats players for fun with 93 agility and 90 dribbling, and stays on his feet with 83 balance. His reactions and composure are also more than acceptable, and rest assured he will not lose his cool when it matters most.
  • Defending - Irrelevant apart from 78 heading accuracy. His heading is surprisingly good, and I find he heads in pretty much every chance that he has been offered.
  • Physical - Possibly the only downside of the card, as I have seen others say he is too weak. For me however his strength has not been an issue. He can hold off defenders so long as you don't try to actually outmuscle them, allowing you to get your shot away. His jumping (76) is a lie, and he will score many front post or far post headers for you. His stamina (84) could be a little higher but it does the job, and seems to be greatly improved from his base card.
  • Work Rates/ Weak Foot/ Skill Moves - High/Medium is perfect as he gets in behind the defence, a 4* weak foot means he is competent on either foot, and what more can you ask for than 5* skill moves?
  • Price - For a player that performs this well in game, anything under a million I think is well worth the money so long as you can build a reasonable team around him.
  • Stamina - Not a big problem but can get quite tired towards the 90th minute if you have been making him sprint all game.
  • Strength - Only a problem if you try to bully defenders, it's a bit like picking a fight with a bouncer. If you do, you'll get smashed, but if you don't you'll not have a problem.
  • Playing against this card - If you play someone with this card, don't bother.
Formation: 41212-2
Position: ST
Games: 18
GPG: 2.00
APG: 0.50
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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