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    Felipe Anderson - 88 - OTW
    Perfect player
    By epicsocks1, 09-11-2018

    So I've used 86 OTW Felipe Anderson for about 20 games now, and he's my favourite player I've used this year. Last year my favourite player was Hirving Lozano and Felipe Anderson feels like a perfect replacement for him. I've been searching for a good striker for a while now and I have found him with this card. The 79 finishing doesn't feel as bad as it looks and the shot power is insane. If he gets another couple of informs this might just be the best player I've ever used. 100% worth the 230k I payed for him.

    Feels so quick

    Amazing shot power

    Long shots are perfect

    Sometimes gets outstrengthed too easily

    Stamina sometimes lets him down end game.

    Formation: 4312
    Position: ST
    Games: 20
    GPG: 1.05
    APG: 0.70
    Pace (10/10)
    Shooting (8/10)
    Passing (7/10)
    Dribbling (9/10)
    Defending (4/10)
    Physicality (3/10)
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    I love you <3

    HE IS INSANEEEE!!I had his base card in the first of the game in my brazilian team and he was amazing for me... packed his OTW in untradable division rivals rewards and i am thankful for that. He is definitely better than POTM lucas and will get informs probably in future. (as he is good player in real life)
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    Rahhh fam. FELIPE the G.O.A.T.

    Where do I start? This man has everything. Pace, Finishing, Power, Long shots, Vision, Skills. Mans the goat on the LM, LW, LF, RM, RW, RF, CAM positions mainly.
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    What a Man

    Hi guys and this is my first review, enjoy it. I packed him from the fut champions player pick, and for me, the best LW that i used for the moment (I used Neymar and Hazard), this guys have a everything, can shoot for every place of the pitch and is going to be a dangerous shoot, can outpace players like walker, her dribbling is insane, maybe like Messi dribbling.Best Fu...
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