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Ronaldo - 90 - Icon
The one and only R9
By thijzz97, 11-11-2018

So I never wrote a review in any kind but this card was defenitely worth writing one. I play fifa since fifa 07 and ultimate team since fifa 12 so I know the dynamics of fifa and fut. I played on Xbox but got the Playstation from a friend so I could play with his beast team (around 5 mil coins) (see link). I had the oppurtunity to shuffle around the team and buy/sell some players. I started playing a weekend league with henry ((90) and CR7: I wanted to play 4-3-3 Attacking /4-2-3-1 when in defensive and played Henry as a cam behind CR7. He just didnt work for me. I love Henry but his 90 rated card just did not perform: slow, not very strong and just not fitting my playstyle. So I decided to go for 90 rated stoichkov. Man what a card he is at CAM. I think he might be the most underrated icon but makes him cheap so I wont complain. But if you have 1.2 mil lying around: just buy this guy.

Although I loved the CR7-Stoichkov combo I wanted to try a very expensive striker so I came up with the Ronaldo-Ronaldo combo. I played R9 at striker (90) and CR7 at cam.. and man this guy is just a Monster: His shooting is insane (although he sometimes miss sitters) but his dribbling is outrageous. Just dont look at the aggression stat; its bullshit. When he runs with the ball and comes in contact with the defender somehow 9/10 he will get away with the ball and the attack will continue.

One other very very amazing aspect about the card is how op the LB (L1)- Fakeshots are. He can do like 5 in a row and no-one catches him. Another thing; the 5* 5* combo is ofcourse a 4* 4* for the 90 rated card: dont care about that: his shooting with his left foot is as good as with his right. Remember that when buying R9 94 you spent more than 2 times the amount for the 90 rated card and you could easily buy like a Eusebio of Stoichkov for that. So really dont hesitate and try this guy: you wont regret it! I scored 48 goals in 28 games with him. Where ronaldo is 122/136

  • Pace 9.5/10: This guy runs away so easily by defenders: he has the trait try to beat defensive line and for the first time ever I really noticed it: his runs are so good and if you press l1 (lb) he always makes good runs into the space.
  • Dribbling 10/10: The dribbling of this guy is nuts: I know it only says 91 but dont care about that: the fact that he is relatively tall and strong but has the dribbling like that is so fluent makes him so hard to stop.
  • Shooting 9/10: Okay its not the case that literally every shot he takes hits the back of the net: he misses some but he also scores some inpossible volleys etc. IMO every player misses some shots also CR7 just because of the mechanics so for me his shooting was incredible.
  • Skills 10/10: Im not a skiller okay.. I almost never use skills but with this guy: just do some weard stuff with the right joystick and he will do the rest... absoluetely insane how fluent he comes out of skill moves as well.
  • Passing 8/10: I know he has relatively low passing. but as striker its not really necesairy to give perfect passes. However even with the true balls on my wingers (lucas and hazard) I found him to have very nice passing.
  • Stamina: 6/10: after the 75 min he starts to be somewhat more invisble. Just make sure to score all the goals before that and make your oponents Rage quit ;)
  • Aggression: For some this would be a con. For me it didnt effect him. Found him to be really strong and didnt notice the low aggression. So I just put it here for you: for me it was not a problem!
Formation: 433-4
Position: ST
Games: 28
GPG: 1.71
APG: 0.11
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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hola me llamo walter77 en YouTube y bueno hare una review para mi canal . Bien empecemos este jugador es buenísimo es de lo mejor, marca desde donde quieras. yo lo uso como delantero con halcón pero llo probe como MCO y SD y también va genial recomendación compraralo merece la pena
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