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Dries Mertens - 87 - Normal
Mertens The Magician
By arranbrady, 13-11-2018

Absolute beast for me, by far my best striker!

41 goals in 42 games with 15 assists he can do anything!

Pace - lightning quick he flys by defenders

Dribbling - Mertens turns on a dame and skins everyone

Passing - 15 assists in just over 40 games from my sole striker aint bad

Shooting - Honestly he can score from anywhere for me...1v1 with a keeper no problem, chips for days and finesse from anywhere

Strength - He is tiny so he gets pushed off the ball fairly easily at times

Headers: Don't count on him for winning crosses into the box as defenders tower over him

Formation: 433
Position: ST
Games: 42
GPG: 0.98
APG: 0.36
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (2/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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This Card is Incredible

Mertens is a benefit to any team. With his incredible 89 pace and his 94 agility, he can slip in and out of defenders with ease. Combined with his 90 dribbling, getting into a one on one situation with any player will usually result in a positive outcome. 80% of the time, Mertens will beat the defender, unless the defender is Pique. Which brings me to my next point, Mertens's physicality and height. Mertens has so many posi...
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The Perfect CAM....Striker?

There is a lot to talk about when someone mentions Mertens and the way he should be played. Usually, conversation involve sentences like these; "O noes, he smull, -NO Stenthg butt he fastt >:("These usually don't answer anything and leave you with more questions than you had in the beginning.So where should you play Mertens? Fam, I don't know. What I do know is that I play him as a striker. So......
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The beast affordable CAM

Mertens is quite possibly the best affordable CAM in the game. I was lucky enough to pack him in my Gold 3 rewards. Whether he is coming off the bench or starting he is a joy to play with. His long shots are insane and usually go in and feels very agile on the ball. Although quite weak and slight, he often intercepts the ball when the opposition is playing out from the back. His passing is also superb
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