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UCL Philipp Godly
By Archi9, 15-11-2018

This man is an absolute god.

I put him in my squad as has a perfect link to gotze and strong to werner, and wasn't expecting much, put playing him alongside werner was incredible.

1-2s are incredibly good between them as he has great positioning and acceleration to get in the right place to score an easy goal.

Would definitely suggest picking him up and at only around 50k it is a ridiculous price for someone who is guaranteed at least 1 upgrade and is likely to get more.




Not much really- possibly a bit weak

Formation: 4231
Position: ST
Games: 24
GPG: 0.50
APG: 0.63
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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Poor Mans Werner

Played with him in 7 games but it was enough to see how good he is.Been using him in a 4321 with Bale and Reus either side occasionally swapping to 41212(2), Reus in cam with Bale up top along side Phillip.Scored 4 but got himself 7 assists using a deadeye to boost both passing and finishing.Very underrated and due for an upgrade when Dortmund go through so good to invest in.
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The Cheap Reus

Best cheap striker on the BundesligaSince the start of FUT 19 I got his regular card and he was just awesome so I do no doubt on getting his plus 1 Champions League versions, try this first Weekend League and I only can describe him as a cheap version of the TOTS Reus of the Last Year and in this year I´ll put him only behind of Werner IF. He just score everything it could b...
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Good alternative for Werner IF, but...

I’ve bought Phillip for around 77k Coins on the market because I wanted an alternative for maybe a Werner IF. I’ve played with him in some formations (mostly a 4-4-2 with Sabitzer IF at his side), and I must say that he is an overall good player. The only downsides i’ve seen so far was the lack of strength when he is in a 1-on-1 with a defender and the ...
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