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88 - Normal
The french wall
By iA7med, 18-11-2018

This guy is a solid keeper, makes incredible saves and not likely to screw up the game for you. long shots? nails it. finesse? nails it. he is way better than FUT18's lloris that always saves the goal and then reflect it into the net. more than 150+ games for me and he saved me hell a lot of games. on 1v1s he is fast and can jump on the ball as it is a prey (of course he wouldn't save all 1v1s, thats the case with all goalkeepers). He is 6'2" which is great for headers.

His only problem is throwing the ball with his hands, he CAN'T throw it far like any normal goalkeeper and that's a problem in counter attacks, you can't build an attack as quick as possible as you wouldn't throw the ball too far and will end up waiting and then throw it to a nearby defender, if You're trying lloris for the first time You'll often throw the ball to the opponent, until you get used to this con, he is a great keeper. I don't feel like I want to change this keeper till the end of the game.

Long shots

finesse shots

Corners, He will run to the ball but sometimes he don't catch it.

Crosses, He wouldn't grasp the ball but he will push it away, but i believe all fifa keepers do the same so wouldn't count that as a real con.

Formation: 3412
Position: GK
Games: 167
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (5/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (5/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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