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Hirving Lozano - 85 - SIF
Beatifully Insane
By Raeksnake, 03-12-2018

Hi, this is my first review on Futbin, and it will be on SIF Lozano. Can I tell you how terrified I was when I saw him in Fifa 18...

So this year, I am very lucky to get him in my FUT Champions Rewards, even more when I do the Chicharito SBC and previously get SIF Anderson FUT Champions (do you smell that ? It's luck).

I manage to play 22 Games on FUT Champions, for 17 Wins, with this team.

Tried him first with basic, but I find Marksman more interesting.

So this card... speed demon, that's obvious, but it's on another level, it rarely get caught by a defender, he has 4* SM and WF that very useful for any situation !

Past defender with speed then ? Cut inside with or without SM ? Cross ? Pass ? Shoot ? he can do anything with a great chance to do it !

His acceleration and speed are nightmares for defender, his grounds crosses for Felipe Anderson are suberb, crosses for SBC Chicharito also.

Pass are suberb also, don't find any weakness despite being in Eredivisie that's very hard to link for a good team.

With basic or Marksman, I don't find him weak at all, not the strongest, but enough to keep the ball far away for defenders.

Finishing is really good, don't try finesse that's much with him, powerful shoot suit him I find, for the longshot, don't try because I prefer to move with him, with his pace and superb agility.

SIF Lozano is a permanent danger for the opponent, a pleasure to play, always on a good position, very consistant, no problem with stamina, that's a superb card.

++++ PACE

+++ Dribbling, Agiliy Ball, Control

++ Pass (Ground Cross, Cross, Pass)

++ Shoot and Finishing

++ Stamina

+ Heading is good only for perfect time finishing

- Hard to link

Formation: 433-2
Position: RW
Games: 24
GPG: 0.71
APG: 0.71
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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