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Virgil van Dijk - 90 - SIF
Virginia, you breaking my heart...
By Bserikbay, 03-12-2018

Don't know how to start, this guy was a trigger to sell all my tradeable players... I had a Seria A and Prem hybrid, with Telles(UCL live)-Virgil -Skriniar(87 rated)- Cancelo IF. I bought him last friday and was so excited to play a WL... but in fact it was a first WL which I end up not playing all matches, and quit playing after 13th game (7 wins, 6 losses). Before him I had Miranda - he provided the same results(his value 10-12k).

Now back to player review:

Everyone was talking about the in-game experience of VVD and bla bla bla. My in-game experience: his value is 100k coins max, so damn overpriced. He was clumsy and slow, and in my possession plays he was just outraced by opponent strikers on counter attacks - 90% of occasions. Skriniar is simply better in everything, compared to this guy, the only thing is his league.

Overall I would say that he`s not worth 400K. It`s really tough as we don`t have any other options in BPL as CB(only Sanchez- hard to chem him).

Strength: he is quite strong guy, and bullied some strikers.

Headers: shown some strong presence on corners both defensive and attacking.

Stamina: can play 120 mins

Passing: passing felt ok, some times made good crosses to wingers

Pace: for second IF he got only +2 upgrade compared to his normal card. Felt too slow and clumsy.

Positioning: most of the times he was loosing his position and trying to make unsuccessful interceptions and tackles, even if I didn`t control him.

Agility: it takes ages for him to turn around.

Formation: 4321
Position: CB
Games: 13
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (5/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (3/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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By far the best cb in the game, he wins every Ariel ball. He makes every tackle and has a medium medium work rate and therefore he wont push up too far. He's very strong and that shows on his card with his 92 strength. He very rarely gets pushed over and people will always have to play around him.He is very expensive but I think he is worth the 111k that I payed for him. visit my channel "KLN STUDIOS" f...
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The serial killer

I mean, where should i start this? This man with shadow is just the best cb ever (i play him in 250k prem squad with potm hazard and lucas in). I had 150k and i were thinking that should i go for vvd or walker, and i went for vvd, and oh boy, this guy is an absolute rock as cb, he's way better than umtiti for example. This man just has it all, even his timed finesses go in if he sometimes decides to get more attacking. Also...
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You don't need any other defenders

Need a wall for your team? This is your guy. When I first saw this card I wasn't sure if he would be a good choice right before TOTS but honestly, him next to my 93 cannavaro and I feel so comfortable in defense. honestly, he is 100% worth the price and will make your team so much better. Just like in real life, he will completely revitalize your defense.
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