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Andrew Robertson - 86 - IF
Andy Robertson IF
By domesticdemonchild, 14-12-2018

As there a no decent left backs in the EPL, I decided to pull Robertson IF as a red card out of my WL rewards.

I used his gold card before that and he was just brilliant, no cons. So I figured the inform wouldn´t be bad either.

He is by far the best left back I have used in Fifa 19. I use Anchor on him so the pace goes up and his strength gets pushed a little.

No attacker I have faced so far was a threat to him, his pace is just fine, strength feels a lot stronger than it says on the card and his interceptions and tackles are amazing. He wins you nearly every duell against any player (if you know how to tackle) AND and at the same time is ominipresent in my offense contributing nice crosses, deadly passes and a good option for quick tiki-taka around the box.

I dont think I need to talk about his shooting as you sould have other players to score.

Fast enough

Strong enough

Great tackles and interceptions


Passing long and short


He seems to be everywhere

None really

Price for some

Formation: 4222
Position: LB
Games: 104
GPG: 0.01
APG: 0.01
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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Better then u think

I packed this guy right in the beginning of fifa 19 playing. He was the only 1 lb i used in my MAIN team only because i was totally satisfied with this card. Only 172 games after i decided to use somebody else(Marcelo ofc). He is absolutely perfect for 5th devision and less. In right hands this man can do everything he is being asked for. Yes, he's got problems with tackling. He can't throw even Neymar from the grass. But h...
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WOOOOOOW - Special

I think he is really good and he fits into premier League Teams with the lack of choices in wing backs there should be no other options , hes better than carniball Mendy by a country mile i would recommend him highly just finished a brilliant season with Liverpool and this is his 3IF of the year Bloody EXCELLENT!
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Playable but with some cons

I was lucky enough to pack his red card a couple of weeks ago. I didn't use him for a long time but I had to change idea of building my squad and put as many untradeables cards as possible to place coins into midfield/attack. First impressions are okay but after 150 matches i have to switch him because of some big cons that irritate me too often. I like this player in real life for his style of play even as Man United fan b...
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