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Dries Mertens - 88 - IF
The Best Investment I've Made This Year
By masenko23, 15-12-2018

Hi everyone. I have played FUT since 2012, but never felt compelled enough to write a review about a player...and trust me, I've had some good cards over the years. This will be a long review, but I promise it will be worth the read.

I came across Mertens purely by chance. I was aware of his status as a meta player, and actually got his base loan card for the hell of it...I never thought I would play him as at the time, I was running a PL team and my main aim was to obtain Hazard...until I brought Mertens on as a sub in a game I was losing 2-0 in the 72nd minute. He had an immediate impact, scoring 2 and assisting 1. This really turned my head, and as I continued to dominate matches with him in the CF position, I started to consider him seriously. CAM? CF? ST? No problem. He has the ability to create something from nothing in any area of the pitch he is placed.

Fast forward, I decided to rebuild my whole team around him and ended up buying his base card, which I then upgraded to his IF. After 92 goals and 67 assists in 83 games, I can confidently say he is the most important player in my team. His dribbling is Messi-esque, his pace and finishing is reminiscent of CR7 with the right chem card, his positioning, passing and vision feels unrivalled. I would say not to be put off by his low strength and physical ratings, as he always seems to retain the ball under a challenge at pace. Shooting outside the box? No problem. Dropping deep to carry the ball up-field? Got you covered. I play him in a 4231 as a CAM next to Dybala and SMS/Gomez and behind IF Icardi and no matter what the situation, he seems to find a way to assist or score goals from almost impossible situations. Inside the box, it is nearly impossible to miss given the chance. On the edge of the box, a finesse shot will more often than not end up with the ball caressing the top corner of the net. An 88 rated card that feels like 92+, hook it to my veins.



Finesse shots


Close control



Stamina + workrate

Jumping and heading of the ball

Formation: 4231-2
Position: CAM
Games: 83
GPG: 1.11
APG: 0.81
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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Mertens is a benefit to any team. With his incredible 89 pace and his 94 agility, he can slip in and out of defenders with ease. Combined with his 90 dribbling, getting into a one on one situation with any player will usually result in a positive outcome. 80% of the time, Mertens will beat the defender, unless the defender is Pique. Which brings me to my next point, Mertens's physicality and height. Mertens has so many posi...
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Mertens is quite possibly the best affordable CAM in the game. I was lucky enough to pack him in my Gold 3 rewards. Whether he is coming off the bench or starting he is a joy to play with. His long shots are insane and usually go in and feels very agile on the ball. Although quite weak and slight, he often intercepts the ball when the opposition is playing out from the back. His passing is also superb
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