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Lionel Messi - 95 - TOTGS
By kacperrw, 16-12-2018

I packed him in a pack from fut champions. I didnt sell him and i'm very happy because of this. His shoots from left foot are amazing. He can shoot from long distance by right foot. I didn't play better card in my life. In my opinion he is better than Ronaldo. Try by yourself and buy him until he is 1.5mil because he will be at least 2.1 mil.

*Left foot is amazing (right is not that bad)

*Shooting is amazing you can score a goal from 30m.

*With CS hunter he is very fast

*No one can stop him becase of him dribling


Formation: 4231
Position: RW
Games: 42
GPG: 1.10
APG: 0.62
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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Absolute GeniusHe is an amazing player! got him untradable from my Rank 3 div 6 div rivals rewards. Opened it an saw: Walkout, Argentinian, CF, MESSI!!!!! slotted him on CAM in a 4-3-3(4) with 86 CL Saul and 89 Dybala to link with Cacelo OTW and Cuardado. HE is the BEST CAM i have EVER used in ALL of FIFA!Just abuse his shooting and dribbling to score goa...
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Simply The G.O.A.T

The little Messiah is my favourite player and in my opinion, the greatest to ever grace the football pitch with his presence. I make it my goal every FIFA to buy the best Messi I can afford and score goals that only the little magician scores in real life as a way of showing appreciation to his talents. Safe to say then I'd been saving up for this card ever since the launch of FIFA 19 and let me tell you.. he does not disap...
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Lionel Messi has always been a problem to use in FUT, but in FIFA 19 it seems that they have finally found a way to make him incredible. Messi, for me, finds ways to score lots of important goals. The first game I played with him I came up against someone who was much better at the game then me. However, Messi made the difference I was able to score 3 of the 3 shots I took with him. His finesse shot is virtually unstop...
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