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Martínez - 86 - Award Winner
Insane Josef Martinez (MLS)
By cyrilstyle, 19-12-2018

Let me start this review with the feel I've had for the last 3 Fifas, that the SBC cards are a little bit 'Broken' or 'special' in a good way. Weird things happens around them and they often win the advantage. It took not too long to win the challenge and I was to resell all my MLS card for a great price after.

I started my first game with him and to try him out, he entered next Werner 87 (WL player pick) at the 10th minutes. The defense was Varane / Ramos, so a perfect hard wall to try breaking through. And he did! He actually put Ramos down (by the neck) in the surface, ending up with a great upper 90 on Courtois. I was surprised the ref didnt called foul but WOW! what a first goal.

He's strong and stays up, literally smashing into other players and keeping the ball in his foot.

His pace is great, but compared to a Mbappe or Coman, he takes him a little time to start but once his launch, he's very hard to stop. I put him on Hawk and im very happy with this chem.

His shots are so powerful that I have to be careful to not press the shot button too hard or it's a bar or over. His finesse shot is also very good.

I see him as an amazing super SUB early in the game (if you dont have better cards) or later to have him be a game changer!

I am afraid we will see him a lot in all the upcoming Weekend Leagues... But a little advice - GET HIM before he's gone :)

+ Pace (takes a while to launch)

+ Shot power

+ Strong header

+ Balance! (he doesn't fall)

Passing (a bit weak)

Hard to link as starter

He will score on you

Formation: 41212
Position: ST
Games: 11
GPG: 0.64
APG: 0.27
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (6/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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OMG what a card!

I completed the challange in the weekly objectives for this card quite without too big problems... I thougt the stats were decent so I wanted to use him as a SuperSub. In the first game I subbed him in at the beginning at ST and noticed, that he´s such a brilliant striker! He has lightning pace, very agile dribbling and a perfect shot. The 4*/4* combo also helps the card to be even better than the POTM Aubameyang. Ingame h...
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This guy is a madman. Been wanting to use his regular card since FIFA came out since I followed the MLS a bit, but the links at the time (Tito Villalba) were expensive, and forewent using him. Decided to use the normal card during the weekly objective since I finally had the chance, and even then he was amazing slipping in.MY MY MY once I got this MVP card, I’ve been so elated. I purposely made an ML...
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The best super sub right now

First things first, thanks ea for letting us use this guy for free, the objective was relatively easy and was able to do him in around 2 and half hours and it was SO WORTH IT.He job is pretty simple, get in the game around the 60th minute, run behind the defence and score, and he is absolutely great at doing this. His shooting as expected is very decent, his shots are strong and he is extremly deadly inside the box. ...
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