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88 - FUTmas SBC
Pivotal Playmaker
By OnlySolskjaer99, 22-12-2018

When I looked at this SBC I wasn't sure it was worthwhile especially after finding his 86 base card to be useless for my play style and had to sell that for a loss. I completed this SBC anyway at 170k and it was the best decision I've made.I changed his positioning to CAM as I find he's too slow to be a striker and that position doesn't allow his dribbling to excel and the defenders often swarm him in the middle of the box. This guy runs the midfield when he has the ball and when he can find space or a pass is played into him he's lethal. He holds up the ball allowing others to run past him so I pair him with Aguero as a ST and then change to FUTmas Zaha around the 80' minute. His passing is not something I was focused on when completing the SBC for him but now it's one of the best attributes to my squad. His eye for a pass paired with timing is hugely underrated, he chips the football over the defence like KDB. Another unexpected benefit has been his composure towards the end of the game when the opponent is applying full on pressure when you're ahead a goal or 2 in FUT champs especially. Firmino rarely loses the ball here and if you can find space for a finesse shot just outside the box it's almost guaranteed to hit the back of the net. With a hunter chem style I don't find his pace a problem, he stays on the whole game for me as he tends to be a last minute goal getter in a tight game and his stamina is 92. The only issue I have is the high/high workrates and he tends to get sucked into CM territory when he's a CAM and gets sucked into CAM territory when he's a striker. Overall easily my best player so far this Fifa. 46 games 41 goals 19 assists.

Great hold up play

Weaves through defences with high dribbling

Immaculate finesse shots

Super Composure

Ball control, keeps ball close to body



Intricate passing

Heading and Strength both underrated

Weak Foot and Skill Moves both 4 stars

High/High work rates drag him deep into midfield when defending


Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 46
GPG: 0.89
APG: 0.41
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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Wow, this card is amazing almost just as amazing as his smile. To get serious about this review though I completed the sbc as soon as I saw the card so I have played a decent amount of games with him. I played 6 games and he scored 13 goals along with 3 assists. He is an amazing finisher and dribbler on the ball. Exploit the h*ll out of curled shots from the top of the box with him. With his links to the premier league and ...
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Complete midfielder

One of the first things I did in Fifa 19 is buy Firminho and use him as CM/CAM. No regrets at all. He is so good. Doest his defensive work as his workrate is High/High. Has a great skillset and his striker instinct makes him pop op in front of the goal in scoring positions. Aslo his long shots is a deadly weapon.
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Bobby Magic Firmino

IT'S AMAZING! This card is incredibile.With chemistry marksman he's very strong, but incomplete, but with engine he's unstoppable. He's agility increse 90+, he's pass will upgrade near the perfection, and good upgrade also for pace. He's shot was just unbelievable, and increase it isn't necessary, also for phy stats.
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