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The Most Broken Card I've Ever Used
By GeneTeehee, 26-12-2018

Let me set the scene. I was once a FIFA player struggling along in Division 3 of Div Rivals for as long as I could remember. Due to quite frankly extortionate FUT Champs rewards, one day a wild 87 rated Butragueno came sprinting into my price range and one-punched 87 Timo in the noggin whilst simultaneously throwing him out of my slightly above average squad. The man then single-handedly carried my sorry self into Div 2 - a place where I felt more out of my depth than the Titanic in a tsunami. After being near relegation for a matter of weeks, more ridiculous pack luck allowed me to upgrade baby Butra to the 90 rated Spanish wonder above.

I would just like to stress how much of an upgrade this middle Butra is from his baby card. Due to this stupendous player, as of today I am now in Division 1 of Div Rivals having only lost 1 of the 12 games I have played with him. I play him as a RS with Hunter in a 4-3-1-2 along side 92 Lewandowski and above Bale. I have played with every high rated gold card apart from Ronaldo, and I can safely say that this man - and even his baby version - is the most impactful player I have ever used as a striker.

Pace: Having played with 87 Werner and 88 Mbappe, I can say without a doubt that he feels faster than both of them - something I didn't think was possible until using this Butragueno. He is more explosive than a tactical nuke landing on a curry house. In a game filled with people saying that pace doesn't matter anymore, using this card makes you realise that the pace mechanic can still be abused. Another game-changing attribute is that he barely ever runs off-side. I am not sure if this is down to the combo of a medium attacking work rate and high positioning, but something enables him to always stay on the shoulder of the last defender. To summarise, his pace is second to none and without a doubt a 10/10.

Shooting: Butragueno is consistently clinical in front of goal. Whilst his finishing, positioning and shot power feel magnificent in-game, his biggest shooting pro is his 5-star weak foot. I have noticed that people don't seem to know what Butra's strong foot is or that he has a 5* weak foot in the first place. Therefore, there is always an angle for finesse shots to go through. His long shots feel somewhere in the high 80's as well, so don't hesitate when it comes to distance shooting. Adding to his already extensive selection of shooting attributes, he also possesses the finesse shot trait. Say no more. - 10/10

Dribbling: He feels incredible sharp and evasive on this game and even more so than his stats suggest, probably down to his low height and weight. He feels noticeably more agile than his baby version and is the perfect player to use if you enjoy quick turns and confusing defenders with dribbling - 10/10

Passing: His passing is surprisingly good actually. This could be due to his very high vision or the fact that Butra's legs have been fashioned from the same tree as the Elder Wand, but regardless his passing is much more than satisfactory - 8/10

Physical: Obviously, his physical is lacking because he is 5'6 and has very low strength. I will however say that this is a con that doesn't significantly impact his performance. He does get pushed off the ball, but can often resist big defenders due to his high balance and low height. His stamina is also great and I never need to sub him off.

To summarise, this little Spanish wizard is the best striker I have used at the 1.2m price range and should be a go-to pick if you are after an electric, clinical striker.

Formation: 4312
Position: ST
Games: 12
GPG: 2.08
APG: 0.25
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (1/10)
Physicality (4/10)
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