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Mauro Icardi - 88 - IF
He just always scores
By Denmen1704, 06-01-2019

It started of when I packed ucl Nainggolan from an untradeable 2 cl players pack, I rebuild my team around him and the team that is shown came out. First off it had Perin and normal Icardi, but I loved Icardi's regular card so much that I bought his inform litterallty as soon as I could and I had no regrets. The man is a monster in and around the box, he finishes everything that falls for his feet, not weird with 98 finishing with the hawk I used on him. Just to be clear, I don't use timed finishing so that is another indication for how insane his finishing is. You'd expect that with 4* wf his shooting with his left foot will decrease a bit from his shooting with his right foot, but with Icardi it feels like he has 5* wf. That insane shooting combined with his deadly 93 heading accuracy, his with hawk boosted 99 jumping and his 99 positioning, makes this man a god in and around the box. Despite his insane ability in and around the box, Icardi also comes with a few downsides. Icardi often feels slugish and a bit like clumsy. He isn't your creative striker, like an Aguero or a Griezmann who can create chances for themselfes, despite that he is very usefull as a sort of target man, coming into the ball, letting it fall for the midfielders to pass it through to the wingers, or to just turn around and give the final through ball himself sometimes (therefore the 16 assists). Also his high jumping makes him very good for winning headers from goalkicks, against any centre back, even VVD gets beaten in the air by Icardi. Using Icardi as a target man also comes with a risk, he's not the type of striker that can hold the VVD's and Koulibaly's off by holding L2/LT, he lacks the strength for that, so you should be aware when to pass the ball off to him and when not to. Icardi might not be the best player in the game, but he is undoubtfully one of the best finishers in the game, even in matches where you barely create chances, which is what you want of a striker like Icardi. As probably expected from his strong and weak points, I reccomend using Icardi in any formation with wingers, as one of two strikers, or as a soul striker, he lacks creativity. I really enjoyed playing with this card and I loved this card, it's definately one of my favourites in the game and worth every coin of the 190k.

  • Finishing
  • Heading
  • Jumping
  • Positioning
  • 4* wf

  • Lacks creativity (3* skills and not an amazing dribbler)
  • A bit sluggish and clumsy at times
  • Lacks pure strenght vs. some cb's

Formation: 4321
Position: ST
Games: 53
GPG: 1.13
APG: 0.34
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (6/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (6/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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I was initially very disappointed in myself for having been drawn into a bidding war over this card (which i had been eyeing for a long time) and ended up paying 121k for it. Knowing that at this stage of fifa coins matter alot, i contemplated selling him for the same price. I told myself that I would do it after i had tried him. And boy am i glad that i did. I slapped a hunter on him and the rest they say is history.
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