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Felipe Anderson - 88 - TIF
Premier Leagues Neymar
By BigShag, 08-01-2019

Note: I am an Elite 3/2 consistent FUTchamps player, I tend to do plenty of research before setting up a squad. I have applied a DEADEYE chemistry card.

Let's begin!

I packed this Anderson from my FUTChamps rewards, despite hearing good things I was never interested in utilising him. I decided to give him a few run outs.

So let's talk facts...


Anderson has 99 long shots with the right chemistry style combined with his finesse shot trait. As mentioned by EA in the past, the long shot trait applies to all shots taken from outside of the box, in this case, Fifa 19's meta is outside of the box finesse shots. This is where Felipe is undoubtedly superior to most players, he WILL either hit the post/crossbar or curl it in at a vary consistent rate. A unique aspect is the distance this card can score from, compared to most cards you can sacrifice a lot more space between you and the goal and his accuracy will regardless be pin-point.


His passing I find is consistent, accurate and evasive. I have not acquired many assists as they come from my ST/CAM who lay off to my LRAM or RCAM to score.


As a player on a higher level, skills, agility, balance all are vital for wingers, this is in order to create ample space and routes into the finesse positions. Anderson excels at this and despite a lack of physicality, is fairly good at holding up the ball and breaking tackles.

In my personal opinion, Anderson is better than Neymar who holds a very good reputation.

Remember to follow the meta, 4231 RAM's and LAM's are the key this year, Anderson is overpriced for a reason!

Do not forget timed finishing!


Making space




Average strength

Reactions (Haven't noticed this impact the game play much)

Formation: 4231
Position: LM
Games: 46
GPG: 1.15
APG: 0.24
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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I love you <3

HE IS INSANEEEE!!I had his base card in the first of the game in my brazilian team and he was amazing for me... packed his OTW in untradable division rivals rewards and i am thankful for that. He is definitely better than POTM lucas and will get informs probably in future. (as he is good player in real life)
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Rahhh fam. FELIPE the G.O.A.T.

Where do I start? This man has everything. Pace, Finishing, Power, Long shots, Vision, Skills. Mans the goat on the LM, LW, LF, RM, RW, RF, CAM positions mainly.
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What a Man

Hi guys and this is my first review, enjoy it. I packed him from the fut champions player pick, and for me, the best LW that i used for the moment (I used Neymar and Hazard), this guys have a everything, can shoot for every place of the pitch and is going to be a dangerous shoot, can outpace players like walker, her dribbling is insane, maybe like Messi dribbling.Best Fu...
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