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Ciro Immobile - 88 - IF
One of the best strikers in the game
By lew1s1ndahouse, 09-01-2019

I was lucky enough to get this guy as a red player pick in one of my weekend league rewards and is currently the second best strikers i have ever used (prime Raul takes first place).

His shooting is immaculate and very rarely misses. Quite often he will score from positions you would never expect (tight angles, long shots etc).

Immobile has been in my team ever since I packed him where I currently play him in a 4222 (in game) with Immobile and Raul as the two strikers with Hazard and Inform El Shaarawy as the two CAMs.

Unfortunately he only has 3 star skill moves, which can be a problem in some situations. However I find that a quick 1 2 with another player is a good alternative.

In my opinion the best position for him is ST. He performs best with a supporting striker but is also good as a lone striker. At any other position he is not used to his full potential as his passing is not great so not that good as a CAM.

  • Shooting - Scores a lot of goals in difficult situations
  • Dribbling - His dribbling isn't amazing but is good enough against defenders especially with a chem style on
  • Weak foot - His 4 star weak foot means that he is able to use both feet to score
  • Heading - His height of 6'1'' paired with his heading accuracy of 83 is great for corners
  • Defending - Doesn't need to defend, I have him on stay forward while defending custom tactic
  • Passing - Not that great but 76 short passing is good enough. Just don't expect him to be making insane through balls with 50 long passing
  • Skill moves - Only 3 star could be a problem for some
Formation: 4222
Position: ST
Games: 293
GPG: 0.76
APG: 0.60
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (6/10)
Defending (2/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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If you need a big man up front that can do it all, this man is the guy to buy. He takes 3-5 games to warm up to you, but once you start to get how he plays... he becomes unstoppable. I mostly play in division 4 on division rivals.
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So ive only played 7 games with this card but holy shit, he is an animal. physically abusing people in the box all the time, making good runs into the box. in those 7 games goals have come from finesse shots, low driven and a couple of bombers. his passing stats are a lie, they feel so much better in game than what it says. 25/30 consistently passing for a striker per game, ill take that. crosses are freakin nuts too. im no...
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I was lucky to get him in Draft. Playing I was shocked how good his finishing is. On the wings I have equally good players (Bale, IF Hazard) but Immobile was a star and he scored most goals (10/13 in 4 matches). After draft i bought him to ma squad and i was not disappointed. I do not play for him, but thanks to the high level of "Positioning" he is always in a good position to shoot. Ofc he had some cons like pace (for me ...
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