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Henrik Larsson - 90 - Icon
Larsson - The swedish king of headers
By SlomieJR, 12-01-2019

Honestly I never planed to try him out but when EA released the Zlatan Flashback-SBC I more or less had to because of the green link to God.

I wasn´t expecting a lot from him especially after using CR7 as striker for the last three weeks but he totaly surprised me! His positioning, heading and finishing is insane. His headers and jumping are on the same level with the normal gold card from CR7 and even his finishing is very close to Cristiano Ronaldo. His high jumping stat makes it possible to win nearly every header even against players like van Dijk or Ramos so I can promisse he doesn´t feel like 1.78 m more like 1,85 m.

His strenght seemed to be his biggest weakness to me but his agility and acceleratin can easily compensate that. Most of the time you don´t even need strenght witz this card beacuse of his postioning. He usually stays perfect to score without any chance for the opponents defender to get into the tackle and when you don´t have to face tackles you obviously can´t lose them...

Just to mention it: his passes are good for a striker but i wouldn´t play him in midfield.

In conclusion I can say that he is worth every coin up to 1,5 Mio. Especially when you´re playing with a lot of crosses and/ or looking for a good link for Ibra he won´t disappoint you!

  1. jumping
  2. heading accuracy
  3. positioning
  4. finishing
  5. acceleration
  6. agility
  7. passing (for a striker)
  1. 3* skills
  2. stamina (90 minutes are no problem but in overtime he gets tired quite fast)
Formation: 41212-2
Position: ST
Games: 15
GPG: 1.40
APG: 0.40
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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Complete striker

I was very hesitant to do the sbc for Larsson cause to me, thats alot of money for a single player. I can safely say that i do not regret it for one second. What a player!I had trouble finding a good striker in EPL to partner up with Salah, i tried pretty much everyone but they all had their cons. When Larsson finally came he stole the show as expected. I would say hes great at everything and a real master...
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Prime Larsson

Decided to pick this guy from the icon SBC, completed for about 800k, and worth every single penny. Best player I have used thus far into fifa. Has everything, pace, heading, shooting, always in the right positions, and the 4 star weakfoot is amazing. Can`t recommend getting this guy enough. 30 games, 68 goals, 4 assists all in division 4.
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Besides his beautiful ingame dreadlocks he is a top class finisher and absolutely AMAZING header. I play 4-2-2-2 ingame with Ibra and Larsson up top and they're unstoppable, they cannot be matched in either air or ground level. Larssons shooting is amazing, he often does those weird kind of goals from postitions you can't imagine anyone scoring from.
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