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    Johan Cruyff - 89 - Icon
    The Star
    By nikork26, 16-01-2019

    First i have the question to buy or not to buy Johan Cruyff because of his stamina, The 91 version have 81 and this one 79.

    At the beginning i tried the 91 version who cost 550k more than this, but then i sold him to get this one

    and desailly 88 to play at CB, and it feels just the same, just as good as the 91 but for 550k less

    First of all, his Pace, he's rapid, amazing acceleration mixed with his agiity and ball control you get an absolutely monster in terms of pace,

    not Mbappe, but very very fast, especially after a skill move

    His Shooting, O M G , his shooting is soooo incredible, with left, with right, ooh i feel that 5star weak foot, finishing amaazing, positioning very very good,

    Long shots and volleys ooooh daaaamn hee is sooo OP, just make a tornado and get the volley with right or left doesnt matter and you wil 80% of the times the goal

    Passing, very very good passer, i got him with master to boost a little bit more this stat, but he pass the ball very very good in short and long distance, perfect passing for a CAM

    Dribbling, amazing ball control, amazing agility, 5 star skill moves, what can i say, hes the god of dribbling, dont feel weak at all, because of his acceleration, and agility just make a skill

    or simply pass threw defenders moving the left stick

    Phisycal: nothing very remarkable, the High - Low work rates makes him not get too tired, and he can play the 90th minutes very well, but you must to give him a fitness card every 2-3 games, but apart of that he doesnt feel weak at all, not ibra or lukaku but very good to turn after been holding the ball

    • PACE , very very very good for a CAM
    • Passing, like messi with 5 star weak foot and skills
    • Dribbling, also, like messi with 5 star weak foot and skills, omg that skills, especially THE TORNADO + VOLLEY COMBO
    • You will enjooy this card a lot

    Maybe the stamina, if you like those players who get to the 90th with half stamina bar

    Formation: 4231
    Position: CAM
    Games: 18
    GPG: 1.50
    APG: 0.56
    Pace (10/10)
    Shooting (10/10)
    Passing (10/10)
    Dribbling (10/10)
    Defending (3/10)
    Physicality (7/10)
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