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    Felipe Anderson - 88 - OTW
    Felipe Anderson 82-87
    By srice8128, 16-01-2019

    In the beginning, there was Felipe. young, 82 rated, nobody really thought he could keep up with the pace of the Prem. 1 inform maybe 2 if lucky. Well here we are, barely passed the midpoint of the season and he is tearing it up. West Hamm is actually fun to watch now... weird.

    With the third iteration of an inform card for Felipe, and a proud owner of this otw card since October, I have played over 500 games with this man and he is so fun. As an investment, he has been great, picking him up for 105k can now be officially called a steal.Through this time, Felipe has seen many positions on the field depending on what role I need the man to play. Currently, with his 87, I have been slamming him up at striker and boy oh boy has it been fun.

    Over the course of 72 games, 60 of which are weekend league (I place gold one or elite 3, and div 3 in rivals), he has scored 94 goals and has 22 assists. Beside him in a 4-2-2-2 formation is Heung Mins Son's inform card, who serves as a great strike partner. The record of son has not suffered with this little man at striker. Son barely scrapes by a positive ratio in goals, but has proven exceedingly qualified as a Mister Assister.

    If you are wondering about Felipe, i'd say wait for a lull in the market, and buy. He is worth squeezing into a team. I benched him when the inform Neymar came out and noticed that he did not bring the same value for coins in comparison to Felipe. For a third of the price you get a quality player that is, of course, easier to link into op Prem. players.

    To get into his game-play, and feel, all I have to say is that he is magisterial. With a dead-eye he feels like Usain Bolt, he shoots as well as CR7, he dribbles like Neymar, and passes not so much like Pirlo, but he is still good. And uh heading. Just don't head the ball. Shooting is the thing I noticed most significantly different from Neymar. This man can shoot from anywhere. 99 long shots, 99 power. Green timed finesse is the way to go, or just slam it near post on those keeper moving ***holes.

    Hope you enjoyed the review and really take this guy into consideration. See y'all in the weekend league!



    La Croqueta & Dragbacks op.

    Fast as a mf


    Do NOT cross to this man back post, might make 1/10 headers.

    Formation: 4222
    Position: ST
    Games: 72
    GPG: 1.31
    APG: 0.31
    Pace (10/10)
    Shooting (10/10)
    Passing (8/10)
    Dribbling (9/10)
    Defending (4/10)
    Physicality (4/10)
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    Rahhh fam. FELIPE the G.O.A.T.

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